Feeling blue? Having vegan fried chicken delivered to your door will make it all better! This vegan take on a fast-food staple is a game changer – better for chickens, your health, and the planet. Taste-test one of these top options for delivery this Friday night.


    Chicken & Blues

    Chicken & Blues offers home delivery via Deliveroo or collection with Como. Its vegan menu is packed with classics – we love the Tex Mex wrap featuring THIS Isn’t Chicken BBQ pieces in a spinach tortilla with spicy rice, vegan slaw, lettuce, and your choice of sauce.


    Clean Kitchen Club

    This delivery-only vegan burger joint in Brighton is run by YouTube star Mikey Pearce. Deliveroo will bring you its awesome Buffalo Burger with THIS Isn’t Chicken, Buffalo sauce, non-dairy cheese, fresh dill, vegan mayo, lettuce, and tomato. Also on the menu are homemade classic burgers, loaded fries, and even vegan Snickers-style bars.


    Really Happy Chicken

    This new restaurant sold out of its truly happy plant-based chik’n within a few hours of opening. Check out its Kentucky-style popcorn chik’n, Korean sticky “wings”, kimchi, and Oreo-flavoured dairy-free shake – all vegan. Delivery is available through Uber Eats and Just Eat.




    Available from Deliveroo, everything at DoppleGanger is vegan. The Hot Chirpy burger comprises a crispy “Dopplefillet” with ranch sauce, ketchup, lettuce, and slaw, topped with buffalo sauce and jalapeños. Vegan cheeseburgers, bacon burgers, fries, and shakes are also on the menu.


    Greazy Vegan

    Greazy Vegan offers delivery from Wednesday to Sunday via Uber Eats and Indie Eats. This fully vegan takeaway is featured on PETA’s guide to the 10 best vegan kebabs in the UK, and its vegan chicken rocks, too. Try the Popcorn Chickun, some “wings”, or the Texas BBQ Chickun Burger, which showcases southern fried “chicken”, “bacon”, smoky vegan cheese, onion rings, BBQ sauce, and mayo in a seeded bun.


    Huns Vegan

    Delivery is available in the Leicester area on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. The menu is totally vegan and includes burgers, “wings”, and loaded fries. Top it off with a decadent salted caramel non-dairy cheesecake or Biscoff rocky road for dessert.



    Down the Hatch

    This vegetarian junk-food joint is 99% vegan and offers takeaway via Deliveroo. The vast menu features crispy seitan wings, jackfruit nuggets, burgers, hot dogs, loaded fries, currywurst, and hearty bowls. Try the Rudeboy burger, a crispy seitan patty with sweetcorn relish, charred pineapple, fried okra, crunchy slaw, and Reggae Reggae sauce.


    Biff’s Jack Shack

    Vegan street food favourite Biff’s delivers from Dalston through Deliveroo, covering Hackney, Newington Green. Enjoy delicious, crispy fried jackfruit “wingz” with a sugarcane bone, three burger options, and to-die-for filthy fries.



    This all-vegan takeaway offers chicken-shop classics like popcorn bites, the Chickenish bucket, and plant-based chicken and quarter-pounder burgers served on a brioche bun with pickles and vegan sauce. Available via Deliveroo in the Walthamstow and Hackney Wick areas.


    Jam Delish

    This takeaway has authentic Caribbean flavours, and its menu is all vegan! It serves Jerk “Chicken Wings” on the bone (made from sugarcane), Curry “Goat”, Ackee and “Codfish”, and Caribbean Curry “Prawns” and also offers favourites like vegan bacon mac and cheese, fried plantain, and Biscoff cheesecake. Available for delivery in Tooting, South London, via Deliveroo and Uber Eats.



    Mercy Burger

    London chicken-shop chain Coqfighter has launched a kinder alternative with its first vegan pop-up, Mercy Burger in Shoreditch, after its vegan menu proved popular beyond the team’s “wildest dreams”. Vegan chicken sandwiches, burgers, sides, and milkshakes can be delivered to your door via Uber Eats or Deliveroo, making it easy to show chickens some mercy.


    Thunderbird Fried Chicken

    London chicken chain Thunderbird has no less than five vegan chicken burgers to choose from, all loaded with a crispy jackfruit patty. Choose a classic flavour like BBQ or the exciting new Meltdown burger, which is covered with miso-jalapeño cheese sauce and garlicky red pepper aioli. Order via Deliveroo or Uber Eats.



    If you’re in London, restaurant chain Bird can deliver you its signature No Chick’n Cauli Burger. It features a finely shredded chick’n patty coated in a crunchy cornbread crumb with Louisiana seasoning, topped with vegan mayo, cauliflower bites, and Nashville sauce – all housed in a vegan brioche bun. Uber Eats, Just Eat, Deliveroo, and Bird’s own app can take your order now.


    Neat Burger

    Londoners, rejoice! Vegan advocate and Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton’s flagship restaurant is 100% plant-based and beautiful. Deliveroo will take the goods to your home in 21 areas. Check out the awesome THIS Isn’t Chicken burgers, hot dogs, Beyond Meat cheese burgers, tater tots, dairy-free milkshakes, and more.


    Sunshine Deli

    Open since 2014, this independent vegan food store says its fried “chicken” is its bestseller. Try it popcorn-style, as larger pieces, or as burgers, or order a southern fried chicken–style party bucket for a complete blowout. The deli also offers a range of frozen meals, such as vegan steak and ale pies, lasagne, and egg-free Spanish omelette.


    Absurd Vird

    From the vegan sister restaurant of Absurd Bird comes contact-free delivery straight to your door via Uber Eats. Available in Bath, Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds, and London, the vegan options include mac ‘n’ cheese, salads, burgers, tenders, and waffles with a variety of bangin’ dressings.


    Burger King

    Feast on the PETA Vegan Food Award–winning Vegan Royale, a crispy chicken-style patty from The Vegetarian Butcher, served in a sesame-seed bun with lettuce and vegan mayo. It’s available from Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Just Eat.


    Chicken Cottage

    Though the plant-based “Chicken” Nuggets at Chicken Cottage are cooked in the same oil as meat, their addition to the menu is a progressive step for the brand, as they contain no animal-derived ingredients – unlike the other chicken dishes on the menu, which are made from the bodies of gentle birds who didn’t want to die.



    Domino’s new Vegan Nuggets are coated in crispy southern-fried breadcrumbs, are served with vegan garlic and herb dip, and make the perfect pizza companions. Try them with The Chick-Ain’t pizza with vegan chicken-style strips, Vegan Vegi Supreme, or classic Vegan Margherita. Delivery is available via Domino’s website nationwide.


    Ed’s Easy Diner

    With 11 locations across the UK, Ed’s Easy Diner makes it easy to order up tasty vegan chicken. The star of the show is the Plant-Based Nashville Burger: a Quorn buttermilk chicken–style burger loaded with hot sauce, vegan mayo, lettuce, and Applewood cheese sauce and topped with onion rings and crushed chilli flakes. Load up Deliveroo or Uber Eats now!



    Chickens, rejoice! KFC’s vegan chicken burger is back at 73 locations in the UK. The Original Recipe Vegan Burger features a bespoke Quorn fillet coated with the famous combination of herbs and spices, topped with fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy vegan mayo, all in a soft glazed bun. Delivery is available through Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Deliveroo, and you can find the full list of locations serving the burger here.



    Mother Clucker

    In collaboration with Meatless Farm, the chain has added a fantastic nine new vegan chicken options to the menu. Our favourite is the Cluckin’ Hot Vegan Burger -– a double-dredged, and fried, Meatless Farm chicken-style fillet, topped with vegan cheese, Cajun marinated peppers, crispy lettuce, dill pickles, vegan lime mayo, and OG hot pepper sauce. The new items are available via Deliveroo from over 20 locations nationwide.



    PETA and our supporters had urged Nando’s to add vegan chicken to its menu beginning in 2016. It’s here! Deliveroo can bring you the Great Imitator (but don’t let the name fool you – this is the real deal). Made from pea protein, it’s available as a burger, wrap, or pitta – and Nando’s says that it tastes so much like its PERi-PERi chicken that people will find it hard to tell the difference. You know who can? Chickens.


    Oowee Vegan

    This popular Bristol restaurant was named Deliveroo’s “Restaurant of the Year” back in 2019 and has since added locations in Brighton, London, and Manchester. That means even more people can now try Oowee’s tasty burgers. There are so many to choose from, but our favourite is The Baconator: crispy chick’n, vegan Baconaise, smoked vegan Gouda, vegan bacon, a hash brown, and lettuce. Now that is a vegan burger.


    Papa John’s

    Papa John’s offers a growing range of banging vegan options. The new “not-chicken” vegan bites are coated in crispy southern-fried breadcrumbs and come with a choice of dip. Other top choices are the Jackfruit “Pepperoni” and Vegan Works pizzas, Cauliflower Wings, Vegan Cheese & Marmite Scrolls, Ben & Jerry’s dairy-free ice cream, and Cinnamon Scrolls. You can order for home delivery via its website, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, or Just Eat.


    Slim Chickens

    Slim Chickens brings the best US-style food to the UK, which means its menu is packed with delicious vegan chicken. Deliveroo can bring the full experience to your door – including delicious marinated Vivera tenders and a classic Plant-Based Buffalo Sandwich.


    Twisted London

    The popular chain delivers to locations including Birmingham, Dundee, Glasgow, Leicester, London, Manchester, Southend, Stockport, Sunderland, and more via Uber Eats. Try the KFV burger, vegan mac ‘n’ cheese, and dirty vegan fries topped with crispy seitan “chicken” nuggets, BBQ sauce, spring onions, pickled jalapeños, and vegan mayo.



    Set up by Matthew, co-founder of Veganuary, and chef Adam, VFC is on a mission to spare chickens suffering by bringing vegan fried chicken to the masses. Fillets and bites are made from succulent wheat protein in a cornflake coating, available in original, spicy, and mixed or as a meal with fries. Next-day delivery across the UK is available from its website.


    Chuck Chick

    A spicy vegan chicken doughnut sandwich, a salted caramel brownie milkshake, a buffalo ranch burger topped with hot sauce – you can find all of these goodies and more at Chuck Chick. The new vegan takeaway offers an innovative take on American diner classics made kind to animals and our planet. In the first 10 days of opening, Chuck Chick hit 500 orders – happy days for chickens!


Not Delivering to Your Area?

All major supermarkets now offer a variety of plant-based chicken products:

Chickens Are Amazing

It’s tragic that most people know more about how chickens taste than about who they are.


Each chicken has a unique personality – they love to play and will run, jump, and sunbathe when given the chance. They are inquisitive and clever and make excellent parents. Humans have been able to identify more than 24 distinct vocalisations that chickens use to communicate a variety of messages, such as warning their companions about different types of predators.

Chickens Need Your Help

The vast majority of chickens on UK farms are forced to grow so big that they often have trouble even standing up. They never get to see the sun and are unable to do any of the things that come naturally to them – and all of them are eventually slaughtered.

The single most effective thing you can do to help chickens is to stop eating meat and eggs. Going vegan is simple – take our 30-day vegan pledge and we’ll guide you through the transition to a new compassionate lifestyle. If you’re vegan already, please share the pledge with your friends and family to encourage them to save lives, too.