PETA UK Vegan Food Awards 2015

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The future is bright for the vegan food revolution. 2015 has seen even more vegan cookbooks hit the shelves, vegan restaurants are popping up in every corner of the UK, and Beyoncé has even launched a vegan food home-delivery service.

It makes perfect sense – choosing vegan is a recipe for enhanced health, a reduced carbon footprint, a clearer complexion and an even clearer conscience. And for producers, it makes good business sense, as vegan foods can be enjoyed by everyone, even the most ardent meat-eaters, many of whom are looking to reduce their consumption of animals’ eggs, milk and flesh.

Consequently, specialty vegan food has never been as widely available as it is today. So, to help you navigate the dizzying array of faux meats, dairy-free sweet treats and other animal-friendly favourites on sale across the UK, our judges have been busy sampling the very best of what’s on offer. The winners below are our top picks – feast your eyes on this lot, and then go out and feast on them yourself!

  • Best Dairy-Free Milk

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - Oatly

    Oatly Chocolate Oat Drink

    There’s nothing quite like a glass of vegan chocolate milk. This creamy, chocolaty drink is packed with oaty goodness and healthful fibre and even fortified with calcium and vitamins. It’s perfect for hot chocolate, too.

  • Best Vegan Meat

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - Fry's_Chick_mini

    Fry’s Chicken-Style Nuggets

    Kids (and adults) love these moreish chicken-style nuggets, and you can rustle them up in just 8 minutes. Serve them with a crispy green salad or chunky chips for the ultimate comfort food.

  • Best Vegan Mayonnaise

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - TigerTiger

    Tiger Tiger Plain MAY-O

    Unleash the taste of this smooth, easy-squeezy mayo. The creamy egg-free delight is the perfect accompaniment to chips, or add it to a salad-packed sandwich to perk up your lunch break.

  • Best Dairy-Free Cheese


    Violife Original Vegan Cheese Slices

    These original cheese slices from Violife are the real deal and prove that vegans don’t have to give up cheese. The satisfying cheesy slices are perfect for sandwiches and toasties, or do what we do and eat them straight from the pack. They’re available at Asda and Tesco, so you’ll never have to go without.

  • Best Faux Seafood

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - Veggie World

    Veggie World Vegan Prawns

    Grill or barbecue these with a bit of oil, lemon and garlic for the ultimate vegan prawn experience. The succulent “prawns” bring an additional dimension to any last-minute vegan curry you happen to be whipping up – and no one had to die for them.

  • Best Vegan Burger

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - LindaMcCartneySMB

    Linda McCartney Mushroom & Spinach Burgers

    We were spoilt for choice with vegan burgers, but these juicy ones from Linda McCartney nabbed the top spot. Perfect grilled, the rich mushroom and spinach taste will make you feel warm all over.

  • Best Vegan Sausage

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - VBites_Sausage

    VBites ‘Pork Sausage’ Rolls

    We can’t believe how good these taste. The pork-style “sausages” are wrapped in a delicate puff pastry for a satisfying crunch through to the soft centre. And the best part? They’re cruelty-free, of course! Serve with a generous splodge of ketchup.

  • Best Vegan Curry

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - Tofu Katsu Curry Sumo1

    YO! Sushi Tofu Katsu Curry

    The newly vegan tofu katsu curry from YO! Sushi takes the curry crown. There’s an explosion of taste and texture in each bite, but it’s mild enough for everyone to enjoy. Add some of YO!’s vegan vegetable gyoza dumplings and inari pockets and you’re in heaven.

  • Best Vegan Pizza

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - Firezza2_mini


    The pizzas at this growing chain are completely customizable, and that includes the option for lush, melty vegan cheese. This is seriously good gourmet pizza. Whether you have it delivered to your door or dine in, you can finish your meal with Firezza’s refreshing vegan sorbet.

  • Best Vegan Pie

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - Clive's_Pie

    Clive’s Minty Chickpea Pie

    This organically produced pie is a hearty classic with an Arabian twist. Filled to the brim with satisfying vegetables and chickpeas, the addition of apricots and hint of mint inject a surprisingly sweet kick. It’s vegan, of course, and you’d never guess this perfect flaky crust is gluten-free, too.

  • Best Vegan Ready Meal

    Optimized-mac n cheese optimized

    Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free/Dairy Free Rice Macaroni & Cheeze

    This is the ultimate vegan comfort food with all the rich creamy cheese taste you could want. In a hurry? A few twirls in the microwave and it’s done. Be sure to look for “dairy-free” on the label as not all Amy’s mac & cheese products are suitable for vegans.

  • Best Vegan Noodles

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - Wasabi_Sweet_Chilli_Tofu_Yakisoba_1

    Wasabi Tofu Yakisoba

    It’s rare to get this kind of flavour at this value. A substantial serving of noodles is smothered in yakisoba sauce and topped with a generous helping of fried tofu. If you like it hot, go for the Sweet Chilli Tofu Yakisoba. Noodly goodness.

  • Best Vegan Sandwich

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - UrbanEat

    URBAN Eat’s Falafel, Lemon & Coriander Houmous Sandwich

    We love the combination of sweet potato falafel, creamy houmous and fresh coriander jam between two slices of whole-grain bread. This is a delicious and satisfying sandwich that packs a lot of flavour in a lunch on the go.

  • Best Vegan Dessert

    Vegan Food Awards - LoungersTorte

    Loungers Dark Chocolate and Ginger Torte

    You can grab yourself this luscious dessert in one of 57 Loungers restaurants, you lucky thing, you. Order with ease from its vegan menu and finish off your meal with this rich dark chocolate torte.

  • Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - Tesco

    Tesco Free From 4 Strawberry & Vanilla Cones

    There are so many dairy-free ice creams to choose from now, but we think these are pretty unbeatable. Delicious swirled strawberry and vanilla ice cream sits happily in a gluten-free chocolate-filled waffle cone to achieve simple perfection.

  • Best Vegan Confectionery

    Optimized-optimized choices

    Choices Caramel Chocolates       

    These wonderful chocolates bring a rich caramel taste that is unrivalled in the dairy-free world. No doubt, the individually wrapped treats would be “much too good for children”, according to Miss Trunchbull.

  • Best Dairy-Free Yoghurt

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - CoconutCo_Raspberry high res_mini

    The Coconut Collaborative Raspberry Yoghurt

    Great as a breakfast treat or a healthy dessert, this creamy coconut yoghurt with a layer of raspberry compote is sure to please. But don’t forget to try the other flavours, too.

  • Best Luxury Food Item

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - cocoafeliz24box

    Cocoafeliz Chocolates

    When you want something really special, you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous chocolates. Vegans (and their jealous friends) will delight in the elegant designs, tempting varieties and option to hand-pick your selection. It’s a great gift for all the chocolate lovers in your life.

  • Best Innovative Vegan Product

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - Tofurky6

    Tofurky Feast

    Have yourself a merry little bird-free feast this year. The vegan roast dinner with all the trimmings – stuffing, gravy, and even fudge brownies – serves six and comes with a vegan wishbone. Bring comfort and joy to your table without all the fuss and with none of the cruelty.


  • Best Vegan Menu

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - La Suite West


    La Suite West

    You’d never need to leave La Suite West, a vegan paradise with a full breakfast, traditional afternoon tea, and five-course tasting menu. Or order à la carte and top your meal off with exquisite temptations such as Tiramisu with Almond Biscotti or Chocolate & Raspberry Fudge Cake with Chocolate Sauce. The beautiful surroundings with food to match make for an unforgettable experience.

  • Best Vegan Food Service

    PETA Vegan Food Awards - Give Kitchen-min


    Give Kitchen

    Move over, Beyoncé – there’s a new vegan food delivery service in town! Give Kitchen delivers nutritionally balanced prepared vegan meals to your door. It does all the hard work, and you just pop the food in the oven or microwave. Choose one of its 22 Day Challenge meal plans or create your own from its mouth-watering menu. And what’s more, for every meal you purchase, Give Kitchen will give a meal to someone in need.

  • Best Vegan Cookbook


    Vegan Love Story

    Whether you’re a long-time vegan or just getting started with compassionate cuisine, Vegan Love Story, a beautiful vegan cookbook, is sure to inspire.

A compassionate plant-based diet is the obvious choice for people who are worried about cruelty to animals, climate change or their health. It’s becoming more and more popular every day, and as the PETA Vegan Food Awards prove, delicious vegan options abound in restaurants, in supermarkets and on the high street.

Give it a try for yourself. Order our free vegan starter kit, which is packed full of recipes, tips and advice, including nutritional information and ideas for quick and tasty plant-based meals.