Vegan Food Awards 2016 – Check Out the Best Vegan Products of the Year

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As the number of British vegans climbs to over half a million, the market for plant-based meals, snacks, and beverages is at an all-time high – and PETA is celebrating some of the hottest new vegan products with our fourth annual Vegan Food Awards.

It’s never been easier to eat vegan, and the accessibility of plant-based foods continues to increase. Supermarket offerings of meat-free and dairy-free products are booming, making vegan treats easier to find than ever before. On the other end of the spectrum, the range of luxurious vegan products is also impressive – meaning compassionate foodies can indulge guilt-free in the finest of goodies, from hand-crafted cheese to chocolate truffles.

This year’s Vegan Food Awards are the most exciting yet. Whether you’re curious about adding more vegan food to your diet or you enjoy a totally plant-based lifestyle, these products are sure to satisfy.

PETA UK Vegan Food Awards 2016 Winners

  • vfa-koko

    Best Dairy-Free Milk

    Koko Dairy Free Original + Calcium

    Coconut fans will go wild for this delicious plant-based milk. Besides the delicate coconut flavour, Koko gets extra points for being high in vitamins and minerals, as well as providing a great source of calcium. It even works in tea!

  • Best Vegan Meat

    Sgaia Foods Streaky Rashers

    Sgaia Foods has really spoilt us with this authentic “mheat” product. These artisan-made rashers are sure to satisfy vegan meat fans – no wonder they’re Sgaia’s best seller.

  • vfa-vegenaise

    Best Egg-Free Mayonnaise

    Follow Your Heart Vegenaise

    With its appealing creaminess and slight tanginess, this product is a dead ringer for its eggy ancestor, and its origins are far more palatable. It’s perfect for spreading on sandwiches, dolloping onto garlic potatoes, or whisking to make delicious salad dressings.

  • gomaio-cheese

    Best Vegan Cheese

    Nutcrafter Creamery Extra Aged Gomasio Cheddar Style Cheese

    These plant-based chefs have reproduced the traditional fermentation process of dairy cheese using activated cashews to produce artisanal goodies with delightfully inventive flavours that mature over time. The “Gomasio Cheddar” is not to be missed – aged for four weeks in muslin cloth, this cheese brings pure indulgence to the vegan market.

  • railway

    Best Vegan Fish

    The Railway Hotel “Fish” & Chips

    A quirky pub and music venue with a devoted following, The Railway Hotel puts Southend on the map for vegan diners. Its “Fish” & Chips don’t shrimp on style or flavour, and visitors can enjoy a British classic with a clean conscience.

  • Best Vegan Burger

    Linda McCartney Foods Vegetarian 1/4lb Burgers

    The newly vegan recipe for these quarter-pound burgers is a real showstopper. Grilled, barbecued, or baked, they retain their meaty texture and succulent flavour. Flip them into a soft bun with all the trimmings and tuck in.

  • vfa-tofurky

    Best Vegan Sausage

    Tofurky Italian Sausage

    With so many vegan sausages on the market these days, it was difficult to choose just one, but these Tofurky sausages are hard to beat. With their authentic Italian flavours of basil and sun-dried tomatoes, these are perfect in pasta, as a pizza topping, or straight off the grill! Nom.

  • frys-chicken-burger

    Best Vegan Chicken

    Fry’s Chicken-Style Burgers

    Consistently fabulous Fry’s has done it again – these Chicken-Style Burgers have received rave reviews from vegans and meat-eaters alike and can be stored in the freezer to be whipped out for quick and delicious meals.

  • wetherspoons-sweet-potato-curry

    Best Vegan Curry

    JD Wetherspoon Pubs Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Spinach Curry

    Long a UK institution, JD Wetherspoon pubs are now also a popular destination for vegan-friendly dining. Their expanded vegan menu includes our top pick – a delicious sweet potato, chickpea, and spinach curry with vegan naan bread to sop up every last drop.

  • clives-mexican-chilli

    Best Vegan Pie

    Clive’s Mexican Chilli Pie

    With organic fresh veg, kidney beans, sweet corn, tangy tomatoes, and a wholemeal pastry case, Clive’s Mexican Chilli Pie makes for a wholesome meal. A kick of spice and lime brings all the flavour of Mexico to this humble little pastry.

  • vfa-amy

    Best Vegan Ready Meal

    Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna

    Amy’s has teamed up with Daiya for this gorgeous ready meal which offers the creamy decadence of melty dairy-free cheese as well as the rich tang of tomato sauce over layers of vibrant veg. It’s vegan comfort food made easy. You’ll want to keep your freezer well stocked.

  • Zizzi vegan pizza.

    Best Vegan Pizza

    Zizzi Vegan Rustica Margherita

    This national chain has won over the UK’s vegans by offering a dairy-free cheese option on any of its pizzas. With a crispy thin crust, zesty tomato sauce, a selection of vegetable toppings, and gooey vegan cheese, we think the Vegan Rustica Margherita pizza is the best. Moreish starters and lucious desserts, too?! You had us at “vegan cheese”.

  • pret-chana-chaat-flat-bread

    Best Vegan Sandwich

    Pret A Manger Chana Chaat Flat Bread

    Veggie Pret is here to stay, and we hope the Chana Chaat Flat Bread is as well. A refreshing change from the usual, Pret’s flatbread hits all the right notes with chunky chickpeas, peppers, spinach, and coriander with coconut yoghurt to cool the aromatic flavour of the spices and mango compote to add a fruity zing. And with over 300 stores across the UK, you’ll never be far from this perfect lunch on the go.

  • tesco-churro

    Best Vegan Dessert

    Tesco Chocolate and Hazelnut Filled Mini Churros

    Tesco saves the day with these soft, crispy, and chocolaty churros, with a hint of hazelnut. Shaken in cinnamon sugar, these mini desserts will delight any sweet tooth. ¡Muy sabroso!

  • Best Vegan Cake

    Le Pain Quotidien Cocoa & Pear Cake

    This fudgy cake, filled with fresh pear and cocoa, is perfect for an afternoon tea. It is not too sweet, has a sticky glaze on top, and has the perfect level of gooeyness in the middle – we wouldn’t change a thing.

  • Best Vegan Ice Cream

    Swedish Glace Strawberry Sticks Made With Soy

    Swedish Glace has raised the stakes for non-dairy ice cream. This creamy strawberry ice cream encased in a shell of chocolate is perfect for hot summer days – and all year round, for that matter!

  • boojabooja

    Best Vegan Confectionery

    Booja-Booja Almond & Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Truffles

    As their packaging suggests, these stylish cubes really are as delicious as they look. They are dusted with soft cocoa powder and will melt in your mouth to reveal a core of sweet and salty caramel truffle. These raw chocolates make a perfect gift or just a luxurious treat for yourself.

  • alpro-peach-pineapple-passion

    Best Vegan Yoghurt

    Alpro Pineapple–Passion Fruit & Peach Soya Yoghurt

    Rich in protein, these convenient little pots also pack a punch of flavour, with the sourness of passion fruit and pineapple offsetting the creaminess of the yoghurt. The peach pot is an equally delicious treat, loaded with fruity goodness.

  • leon

    Best Vegan Salad

    LEON Vegan SuperClean Quinoa Salad

    LEON puts the “super” in “superfood” with its Vegan SuperClean Quinoa Salad. For a fresh and healthy lunch on the go, this salad is hard to beat. Semi-dried tomatoes and mint bring depths of flavour to the dish, and pomegranate seeds top it all off with bursts of sweetness.

  • Best Vegan Street Food

    Club Mexicana

    This London-based street truck serves up totally vegan Mexican delights like pulled jackfruit burritos, dairy-free cheesy nachos, and “fish” tacos. And for those with a sweet tooth, Club Mexicana even offers its own chipotle chocolate truffles – need we say more?

  • Best Vegan Luxury Food

    Vegetarian Caviar Club Black Caviar

    This caviar makes the perfect party piece, proving that indulgent flavours don’t have to come from cruelty. Enjoy it with champagne for a dinner party starter that will definitely get people talking.

  • vegan-egg

    Best Innovative Vegan Product

    Follow Your Heart VeganEgg

    Follow Your Heart’s innovative VeganEgg can be transformed into a delicious omelette, quiche, or even scramble at the flick of a whisk. The ingenious packaging makes this product a great gift for new vegans.

  • gauthier-soho-vegan-menu

    Best Vegan Menu

    Gauthier Soho “Les Plantes” Menu

    Alexis Gauthier’s eight-course vegan tasting experience, “Les Plantes,” features dishes containing seasonal produce, such as Purple Cauliflower Carpaccio and , followed by sweet flourishes of strawberries, roasted cherries, and . Gauthier Soho is the perfect place for a special occasion.

  • vfa-vegan-street-food

    Best Vegan Cookbook

    Vegan Street Food: Foodie Travels From India to Indonesia

    Inspired by her travels, Jackie Kearney’s cookbook is an exploration of Asian cuisine, filled with whimsical recipes and exotic flavours. Whether you’re an old hand or a novice at vegan cooking, this collection of recipes will have you whipping up delicious creations in no time.

Vegan food has become so popular that you can find scrumptious animal-friendly options almost anywhere you go to shop or eat. Choosing a plant-based diet is the best choice for anyone concerned about the treatment of animals in the meat and dairy industries, the environmental impact of farming, or personal health. After you’ve tasted these award-winning foods, get cooking with the recipes in our helpful vegan starter kit: