12 Cosy Vegan Knits That Make Perfect Christmas Gifts

Style meets warmth in these fabulous vegan knits, which are perfect for keeping cosy on winter nights. Chic, timeless, and fashionable, these pieces radiate quiet luxury and are made with compassion down to the last stitch.

Whether you’re on a quest to refresh your wardrobe or seeking the ideal Christmas gift, these vegan knits tick all the boxes.

Say no to the cruelty of the cashmere and wool industries and explore the selections below, which are kind to animals as well as the planet.

We’ve scoured the UK for the best, cosiest vegan knits and compiled this list to simplify your compassionate shopping journey. Embrace the warmth of ethical fashion and make this winter your most stylish yet!

Why Vegan Knits?

Numerous investigations into cashmere and wool production have revealed that these industries treat gentle sheep and goats as yarn-making machines. Baby lambs are routinely mutilated, goats cry in pain as they are violently combed, and sheep are left with bloody wounds after being shorn. When cashmere goats and sheep used for wool no longer produce enough fleece to be profitable, they’re slaughtered.

In addition to cruelty to animals, both cashmere and wool are a nightmare for the planet. Read more in these blogs:

Compassion Is In!

For more vegan fashion inspiration, check out our guide below: