10 Vegan Mayos for Mayo Lovers

You probably know that mayonnaise is often made with eggs. But did you know that about 39 million hens are used by the UK egg industry every year? More than half of all eggs produced here come from hens housed in cruel, claustrophobic conditions. When their egg production begins to wane, the birds are always slaughtered – no matter what the label on the carton says.

This means that chickens are suffering and dying for egg mayonnaise. But don’t panic, mayo lovers – we have the ultimate list of vegan mayo options right here, and all of them are delicious, versatile, and kind to birds:

  • Hellmann’s


    Hellmann’s vegan mayonnaise range comes in classic, bacon, chipotle, and garlic flavours. These vegan condiments have a smooth, thick consistency, making them ideal for dolloping on all your favourite dishes.

  • Plamil

    Plamil’s Egg Free Mayo range includes garlic and tarragon and chives varieties. Pair them with some vegan cheddar slices and bread to make yourself a bangin’ cheese toastie.

  • Follow Your Heart

    Follow Your Heart Vegenaise comes in flavours like original, chipotle, pesto, roasted garlic, and more. Sold at several supermarkets throughout the UK, this vegan mayo will never let you down – trust us.

  • Nando’s

    Spicy peri-peri meets creamy vegan mayo: it’s a match made in heaven. Vegan PERinaise sauce is available from supermarkets and on the vegan chicken burger from Nando’s restaurants.

  • Rubies in the Rubble

    With three different mayo flavours, Rubies in the Rubble has cracked the code for tasty, animal-friendly sauce. Chilli, classic, and garlic mayo are all available to taste-test.

  • Lowy

    This zesty vegan mayo aioli gives a kick to any recipe. Try using it in this vegan spinach and artichoke dip for a sure-fire way to level up your crisp-eating experience.

  • Heinz

    The iconic condiment brand ventured into the vegan mayonnaise game with this egg-free option. Its super-smooth texture and tangy flavour make it an ideal addition to your favourite recipes.

  • Asda

    Great on salads and in wraps, Asda’s new Free From Peri-Peri Mayo makes for a great fridge staple – though we can’t guarantee that it’ll last long in there, as you’ll likely want to add it to everything!

  • Co-op

    Co-op’s vegan GRO line has added vegan mayo. But the good news doesn’t end there: the new product is not only kind to birds but also totally creamy and delicious. Yum, yum, YUM.

  • Tesco

    Tesco’s Plant Chef vegan mayo is perfect for coleslaw, salad dressings, and more. Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed!

Why Not Make Your Own Vegan Mayo?

Here’s a recipe for vegan mayo that you can make in minutes:

What You Can Do for Chickens

It’s easy to turn your back on the callous cruelty of the egg industry – just stop eating eggs. Mayo isn’t the only easy switch to make. From bananas to chia seeds, there’s a vegan egg replacement for every recipe. Check out our guide to vegan egg alternatives for tips and tricks:

For more tips on going vegan, order our free vegan starter kit: