Dress to Impress With Vegan Men’s Fashion: From Shoes to Suits

There’s a few staple items that every man needs in his wardrobe, and a suave suit is definitely one of them. Whether you need to impress at an interview or stay stylish in the office, you can look top-notch whilst avoiding cruelly produced leather and other materials derived from animals.

Since major high-street and online brands offer inexpensive and accessible vegan fashion and accessories, being stylish and cruelty-free has never been easier.

With these stylish options for work, there’s no reason to buy clothes or accessories that cause animals to suffer.

Every year, 1 billion animals are killed for the leather trade, including cows, pigs, horses, lambs and goats – and even cats and dogs. They all suffer at the hands of this industry, and if you purchase a leather item, there’s no easy way of telling whose skin you’re in.

Some men’s suits are made with wool, and contrary to what you may think, sheep shearing is not harmless for the animals. The wool industry treats them as nothing more than wool-producing machines.

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