PETA’s 2021 Vegan Wedding Awards

As vegan weddings were named one of the biggest trends of the upcoming season, we’re proposing our first-ever Vegan Wedding Awards to celebrate the companies and influential people who are helping couples exchange their vows in style – without harming animals or the environment.

  • Best Bridal Dresses: Indiebride London

    From floor-grazing lace gowns to chic shorter styles, Indiebride London creates on-trend, updated versions of classic wedding dresses – and many of its designs are suitable for vegans. The dresses have a vegan lining (made from recycled plastic bottles!) by default.

  • Best Bridal Shoes: Beyond Skin

    This pioneering Brighton brand has been creating a variety of vegan shoes since 2001, including a bridal range. Whether you’re looking for elegant flats or statement heels to match your dress, chances are you’ll find your perfect leather-free pair at Beyond Skin.

  • Best Bridesmaids’ Dresses: H&M

    Eco-conscious designs are recurring features in H&M’s wedding-guest range. Be the best-dressed bridesmaid with these silk-free designs that no animal had to die for.

  • Best Groom Shoes: Will’s Vegan Store

    The sleek brogues and Oxfords in vegan leather from Will’s Vegan Store are not only stylish and cruelty-free but also kind to the environment, as the brand became certified carbon neutral in 2018.

  • Best Suits: King & Allen

    No sheep had to suffer for King & Allen’s sophisticated vegan suits: the London brand offers made-to-order designs crafted from bamboo, a fabric that can be a true friend to the planet. The wool-free suits also incorporate canvas, cotton, and hemp.

  • Luxury Award: Sanyukta Shrestha

    True luxury is kind. High-end designer Sanyukta Shrestha understands this and offers a range of gowns and other designs in high-quality vegan fabrics, including bamboo. Bonus – the brand’s online store also features a vegan search filter, so finding its vegan options is easy and effortless.

  • Best Catering: Planted

    Founded by two friends in 2016, this fully vegan catering service offers seasonal menus for weddings. Even the most sceptic carnivores will love these plant-based delicacies.

  • Best Cakes: Heart of Cake

    London baker Lizzie creates scrumptious cupcakes, macarons, and wedding cakes without an ounce of egg, dairy, or other animal-derived ingredients. Heart of Cake’s packaging is recyclable, and the company sources flowers and decorations from small, local businesses.

  • Best Dressing Gowns: Verry Kerry

    Getting ready on the big day just got more glamorous with Verry Kerry’s organic cotton and bamboo dressing gowns created for brides-to-be and their entourage. Floral patterns and flowing styles will ensure that you’ll keep wearing these kimonos long after the wedding.

  • Best Wedding Planning Service: Amethyst Weddings

    Sian Bowron is a wedding planner with a difference: since 2012, her company Amethyst Weddings has been offering vegan and sustainable events to couples who wish to reduce their impact on animals and the planet while celebrating their big day.

  • Best Eco-Friendly Confetti: Shropshire Petals

    Traditional confetti is often made with glitter, which is plastic-based and can harm wildlife. You may wish to opt instead for dried flower petals, such as the ones provided by eco-friendly company Shropshire Petals.

  • Vegan Wedding Influencer Award: Leona Lewis

    Committed animal defender and vegan Leona Lewis celebrated her nuptials in compassionate style: from the silk-free gown to the 100% plant-based menu including a gold leaf–decorated chocolate cake, Leona is sure to have inspired countless fans to consider a vegan celebration.

Why Have a Vegan Wedding?

Our winners show that anything from shoes and dresses to cakes and confetti can be vegan and look just gorgeous. And don’t forget that – as well as being kinder to animals – vegan food and clothing have a much smaller carbon footprint, as animal agriculture is a leading driver of the climate crisis. This is why many brides and grooms are refusing to support industries that exploit and kill animals and are tying the knot vegan-style.

Find out more about planning a vegan wedding, and get tips on all aspects of animal-friendly living, from eating vegan to buying cruelty-free clothing and cosmetics: