Veganuary 2024: Must-Try Vegan Food Launches in the UK

A new year means new vegan food! From Greggs and Burger King to Leon and Costa, UK businesses are brimming with inventive vegan offerings for “Veganuary” 2024. Whether you’re a vegan veteran or just dipping your toes in the plant-based pond, these delicious foods are sure to keep you fuelled with vegan power all month long. Now is the perfect opportunity to give vegan cuisine a try – so start your vegan journey today. Are you ready to try everything Veganuary has to offer?

  • Bill’s

    Bill’s has launched a vegan version of its iconic blueberry pancake stack – made using OGGS egg alternative and topped with fruit or vegan bacon – as part of its Veganuary menu. Other new products for January include a Moroccan-spiced vegan chicken burger with chargrilled red pepper and creamy vegan mayo, served with flavoursome rosemary-salted fries, as well as a roasted chestnut and butterbean bake with creamy vegan cheese sauce, topped with a chestnut, cranberry, and pumpkin seed crumble.


  • Burger King

    Burger King’s iconic Ultimate Bean Burger is back by popular demand! Get ready to enjoy a crunchy bean burger with warming green chilli, sweet red pepper, black beans, and mushrooms. The patty is topped with crispy fried onions, fresh lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes, and a swirl of rich, tangy tomato ketchup – all enclosed in a light brioche-style bun. Be sure to order it without cheese. And if you are craving a tasty mock-meat burger, Burger King has a line-up of other plant-based offerings to satisfy all tastes.

  • Costa Coffee

    A veritable vegan feast has been curated at Costa by the masters themselves – BOSH! Start your day with a Plant-Based Smashin’ Sausage Bap for breakfast. For lunch, choose from the Plant-Based Saucy Chicken Fajita Wrap, Plant-Based Smokin’ BBQ Chicken Panini, or PETA’s favourite Plant-Based Crackin’ Ham and Cheeze Toastie. And don’t forget to grab a Caramelised Biscuit Rocky Road, Double Chocolate Cookie, or Chocolate and Pecan Slice for dessert. Costa has your vegan cravings covered from sunrise to sunset.

  • Crosstown

    Crosstown has three delightful new doughnuts on its menu for Veganuary. First, try the Coffee, Cardamom, & Coconut, which comprises a cocoa-infused sourdough base with hints of spice and sweetness. The Hazelnut Praline, Tarragon, & Green Apple features a tangy apple and tarragon gel and hazelnut praline icing. Finally, if floral and nutty notes are more your cup of tea, try the Pistachio & Rose – topped with crunchy pistachio crumble.

  • Greggs

    The Vegan Steak Bake is back, and it has been crafted with precision to mirror some of the original pastry’s features without harming any cows. Tuck into 96 layers of light puff pastry filled with Quorn mycoprotein pieces and diced onions in a rich gravy. This vegan bake will be sure to melt away your January blues.

  • Honest Burgers

    Burger fans, rejoice! Honest Burgers is bringing back its Bacon Plant with a new and improved recipe. The juicy Beyond Meat patty is layered with La Vie’s vegan bacon and Applewood vegan cheese and served with vegan bacon–dusted shoestring fries.


  • JD Wetherspoon

    Make your way to a Wetherspoon pub this January and treat yourself to a brand-new Beyond BBQ stack burger. This flavour-packed meal, featuring a Beyond Meat plant-based patty, luscious BBQ sauce, crispy onion rings, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and red onion nestled in a vegan brioche bun and served with chips, is hearty, delicious, and perfect for those cold winter days.


  • Krispy Kreme

    Don’t miss out on the sweet excitement of Krispy Kreme this January! Head over to your nearest store to grab a taste of the limited-edition Chocolate Cookie Crunch doughnut, created in collaboration with the Vegan Society. These delightful doughnuts make a delicious treat for you and your loved ones while leaving  cows and chickens in peace.

  • LEON

    LEON’s latest launches are vibrant and colourful. Your new favourite wrap of the season will surely be the Bangin’ Bhaji Wrap, stuffed with courgette and pea bhajis and topped with a classic Kachumber, a sprinkling of crispy onions, and herby mayo. If you’re looking for a healthy and diverse option, don’t miss the Rainbow Squash Salad, which boasts a staggering varieties of plants. LEON’s new launches are a true celebration of freshness and creativity.

  • LNER

    We couldn’t miss this opportunity to highlight the impressive vegan range on LNER’s Veganuary menu. The first-class breakfast menu includes a THIS plant-based sausage sandwich, a toasted teacake with Flora spread, and apple and sultana overnight oats. Lunch and dinner options include a vegetable masala with potatoes, carrots, and green beans and a rainbow veg sandwich. You can even tuck into a hearty mushroom pie – served with mashed potato, smooth gravy, and savoy cabbage. To finish, try the delicious melt-in-the-middle chocolate sponge pudding, chocolate and “cream” pot, or vegan praline chocolate.


  • Papa Johns

    Cosy nights in just got a whole lot better with Papa Johns’ latest creation – the new BBQ “chicken” pizza. Indulge in ultimate comfort with melted Sheese and succulent slices of freshly launched plant-based chicken, complemented by mushrooms, onions, and a sweet and tangy BBQ drizzle. Feeling adventurous? Try the new meat-free chicken as a topping on any other vegan pizza on its menu.

  • Pizza Express

    Head on over to Pizza Express for its new vegan melanzane with grilled aubergine, Italian tomato sauce, garlic, plant-based mozzarella, and fresh parsley. A new vegan calzone also graces the menu with roasted sweet peppers, silky aubergine, spinach, hot chilli, tomato, and garlic.


  • Pret A Manger

    Make your way to your local Pret for the rollout of the VLT, the chain’s best-selling take on a traditional BLT. It’s made by piling roasted shiitake and chestnut mushroom “rashers”, sliced tomatoes, and salad onto Pret’s malted bread and topping it with vegan mayo. Another new arrival is the Sticky Mushroom Banh Mi, featuring roasted mushrooms smothered in a spicy BBQ sauce with crisp carrot and mooli slaw, cucumber, and coriander, finished with a parsley and black pepper–flavour mayo.





  • Subway

    Subway’s new Plant Picante features a spiced patty topped with crispy onions and garlic and herb or sweet onion sauces. Just ask for vegan cheese to be swapped in to make this sandwich the perfect plant-based option for anyone on the go.

  • wagamama

    Mushrooms steal the show at wagamama this January, with its new Lion’s Mane “Steak” Bulgogi – featuring udon noodles and caramelised onion in a sweet and salty miso sauce, topped with Korean BBQ sauce and kimchee. This dish is sure to satisfy your cravings, along with other delights like the tofu hot pot and silken tofu gochujang rice bowl.

  • Zizzi

    Each year, Zizzi’s Veganuary launches showcase a range of authentic Italian flavours. This time, start with freshly baked garlic bread with roasted red peppers, cherry tomatoes, artichokeswith , and a peppery rocket salad. For the main course, try the Fable Shiitake ‘Shroom Rustica pizza – packed with all the umami goodness you dream of. And, if you still have room for dessert, choose from Zillionaire’s Fudge Cake layered with salted caramel sponge and finished with honeycomb pieces or the decadent raspberry and gin layered cheesecake served with strawberry sorbet. You’ll undoubtedly find yourself coming back for seconds. Buon appetito!

Choose Compassion This Year

Animals abused in the meat, egg, and dairy industries are often kept in dirty, crowded conditions where they’re deprived of sunlight and fresh air. Cows develop painful udder inflammation from constant milking, pigs’ tails are cut off without pain relief, and chickens are forced to breathe in ammonia-filled air that damages their lungs. These industries have a devastating impact on the environment, too, as they’re responsible for almost a fifth of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions.

We have a choice: we can reduce animal suffering and help the planet or make matters worse. If these new vegan options have inspired you to consider a compassionate lifestyle, take our vegan challenge. We’ll provide you with meal plans, recipes, and tips on eating balanced vegan meals, choosing vegan clothing and cruelty-free cosmetics, and showing compassion for animals in other aspects of your life.