For Immediate Release:
January 26, 1999

Toni Vernelli: +44 1273 508 384

Rotterdam — Human “monkeys”–cramped inside small wire cages–will protest Procter & Gamble’s lethal animal poisoning experiments outside of the company’s Dutch headquarters:


Date: Wednesday, 27th January
Time: 12 noon
Place: Watermanweg 100, Rotterdam

Thousands of monkeys, rabbits, dogs and rats are still killed in P&G’s laboratories, where workers drip chemicals into animals’ eyes, force them to inhale and swallow massive doses of chemical compounds, and rub irritating substances onto their shaved and raw skin. Animals are often clamped into restraining devices and can brake their necks struggling to escape.

Toxicologists admit that the results of animal tests cannot be accurately applied to human experience because of the enormous physiological differences between species. More than 550 companies, including large corporations like Avon and Revlon, ensure their customer’s safety by using non-animal tests, yet Procter & Gamble has refused to switch–even for household products which are not required by any law to be tested on animals.

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