For Immediate Release:
August 6, 1998

Michael McGraw757-622-7382

Phoenix — “Golden Girl” Bea Arthur will launch an anti-cruelty to horses offensive in Phoenix tomorrow, calling on women to unite to save horses and their foals from harsh treatment in the production of menopause drugs.

Date: Thursday, August 6

Time: 12 noon

Place: Hyatt Regency Phoenix at Civic Plaza, 122 N. Second St., room Borein B 

Arthur will premiere a new television spot in which she lets women know that Premarin–a popular estrogen-replacement drug–is made from horse urine and that there are effective, cruelty-free alternatives.

Every year, approximately 75,000 mares are artificially inseminated and tied in small stalls, unable to turn around, take even a few steps, or comfortably lie down. Rubber sacks–which can cause sores–are strapped around the mares’ groins 24 hours a day so that their urine can be collected to make Premarin. The mares are denied free access to water so that their urine will yield a more concentrated estrogen. The foals resulting from these pregnancies are unwanted “throwaways,” and most are slaughtered for the European and Japanese markets.

“I believe that when we are confronted with abuse, we must do something to stop it,” says Arthur. “If there is suffering, then, if we can, we must act. My first act was to stop taking Premarin.”

Arthur will also unveil a “Premarin Album,” which contains photos of women holding signs that announce they will never take Premarin. The scrapbook represents lost sales of more than $2 million to Wyeth-Ayerst, the maker of Premarin.

Broadcast-quality footage of Premarin mares, foal slaughter, and ArthurÕs public service announcement will be available. For more information, consumers can call the PETA hotline, 1-800-KNOW-PMU.