Aberdeen Boy Wins PETA Award For Kindness to Animals

For Immediate Release:
25 February 2016

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Charity Recognises 8-Year-Old for His Compassionate Attitude

Aberdeen – In recognition of his efforts to help animals, 8-year-old Kairhys Melvin has been given a Compassionate Kid Award by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Kairhys, who made his own decision to go vegetarian at the age of 3, loves all animals – especially his family’s dog, three cats and three rabbits, who are all rescues. He often takes in wounded animals such as birds to help heal them and release them back into the wild, and he’s also dedicated to clearing rubbish from his local beach to prevent damage to wildlife. In his efforts to raise awareness of the cruelty of factory farming, Kairhys is committed to spreading the message of where meat comes from to his friends and classmates, as well as adults.

“Kairhys is an inspiring young person who is making a positive difference in the world”, says PETA Associate Director Elisa Allen. “His compassion for animals and his determination to create a better world for them is a wonderful example for other kids – and adults – to follow.”

A photo of Kairhys with his Compassionate Kid certificate is available here.

For more information on cruelty-free living, please visit PETA.org.uk.