Photo: ‘Wounded, Tormented Primate’ Takes Testing Plea to European Commission

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13 February 2017

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PETA Delivers 160,000-Strong Petition Calling for an End to Cruel Experiments on Primates

London – Along with a lifelike “mutilated primate”, PETA representatives gathered outside the European Commission in Brussels today, to deliver a petition calling for an end to the use of primates in experiments.

A photo is available here.

The petition, which was signed by over 160,000 people, follows the release of the Commission’s preliminary scientific opinion on primate testing and points out that experiments on non-human primates frequently do not translate to humans, are inferior to cutting-edge new research technology, and are cruel to the animals who are caged, drugged, cut open, and infected with deadly diseases.

“Caging, mutilating, and poisoning monkeys is sadistic, not scientific”, says PETA Science Policy Adviser Dr Julia Baines. “It is urgent that we move towards effective research methods that will not only spare sensitive, intelligent primates immense suffering but also increase the likelihood of medical breakthroughs for humans.”

 PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to experiment on” – notes that the Netherlands has already passed a motion in Parliament to phase out testing on primates at the Biomedical Primate Research Centre, Europe’s largest primate-testing laboratory, and that the time has come for the rest of the European Union to do the same.

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