Amanda Holden Urges Meat-Eaters To

For Immediate Release:
28 December 2001

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London — Amanda Holden, gorgeous star of TV1s Kiss Me Kate, The Grimleys and Hearts and Bones, recently took time out of her hectic schedule to shoot a striking new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Amanda, who openly attributes her radiant sparkle to a strict vegetarian diet, posed in a figure-hugging dress made from the leaves of fresh cabbages to encourage the public to “Turn Over a New Leaf! Go Vegetarian for 2002!”

The ad will be released in the run-up to the new year, urging people to make a fresh start by sticking to a New Year1s resolution that will REALLY make a difference.

“Next year, be kind to animals and kind to yourself.” says Amanda. “Going vegetarian is good for your heart, good for your health, and of course it’s good for the animals! Why not make a fresh start in 2002 and try kissing your meat habit good bye?”

In the UK alone, approximately 850 million animals are killed each year for food. From the moment they are born to the time of their death, they will be subjected to a life of fear, pain and suffering on factory farms.

Intensively bred and housed, animals are kept in cramped, unnatural conditions, chickens often have the tips of their beaks sliced off with a hot wire, cows are dehorned and pigs have their teeth pulled out and tails cut off, all without anaesthesia. Modern slaughter methods mean that many animals are not rendered fully unconscious before they are strung upside down to have their throats slit and are bled to death. Not only is meat-eating a killer for animals, it has also been linked to heart disease, cancer and stroke. Vegetarians live, on average, seven years more than their carnivorous counterparts.

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