Amundsen Sports Bans Fur After Talks With PETA US

For Immediate Release:

17 March 2020


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Company Stops Sourcing Items Made From Skins of Tormented Coyotes 

London – Following discussions with PETA US, Norwegian outerwear company Amundsen Sports has committed to a ban on fur. The retailer, whose products are sold in several countries, previously sold coyote fur and is now evaluating potentially using faux fur.

“PETA applauds Amundsen Sports for its compassionate and business-savvy decision to ban fur,” says PETA Director Elisa Allen. “It’s time for all retailers to meet the rising demand for high-performing vegan materials or be left in the dust by ethical shoppers, who don’t want to support companies that contribute to cruelty.”

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear” – notes that animals trapped for fur may be caught in steel-jaw traps. These devices slam down on animals’ legs and are so inhumane that they’re illegal in the UK – yet fur from animals caught in them can still be imported and sold here. Conibear traps, which crush the animal’s neck or chest, or water-set traps, which leave beavers struggling before they eventually drown, are also used. Animals may languish in traps for days, and mothers sometimes chew off their own limbs in a desperate attempt to get back to their young. If the animals don’t die slowly from blood loss, dehydration, frostbite, gangrene, or injuries sustained in attacks by predators, trappers bludgeon them to death or shoot them when they return.

PETA opposes speciesism, which is a human-supremacist worldview. For more information, please visit