Anti-Dairy Billboard Makes a Splash Outside Bolton Station

16 May 2024

Anti-Dairy Billboard Makes a Splash Outside Bolton Station

Bolton, Greater Manchester – Following reports of a complaint by a compassionate customer that a shop selling coffee at Bolton railway station didn’t offer any vegan milk, PETA placed a billboard near the establishment to reach staff and passengers with a crucial message: “Because You Consume Dairy, Calves Die. Go Vegan.”

The billboard is located on Derby Street, BL3 6HE, and will be up for two weeks. High-resolution images are available here. Credit: Nigel Newton Photography

“Each time we grab a cup of coffee, we can choose to spare loving mother cows and their babies suffering and an agonising death by simply ditching dairy,” says PETA Vice President of Programmes Elisa Allen. “Bolton station can help commuters make compassionate choices by adding delicious and humane vegan milk to all café menus.”

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – notes that cows used for dairy are artificially inseminated and their calves are taken from them shortly after birth so that their milk can be sold and consumed by humans instead. Male calves, who are considered a by-product by the dairy industry, may be shot in the head soon after birth or sentenced to a short, miserable life before being killed and carved up for veal. Most female calves are destined for the same fate as their mothers: they’ll be used as milk machines until their bodies give out and they’re slaughtered for cheap meat.

In addition, non-dairy milks – including oat, soy, cashew, hemp, and almond milks – are better for the environment and contain none of the artery-clogging animal fat and cholesterol of cows’ milk.

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