Brangelina’S Wedding Gift From PETA Us: A Loving Pair Of Rescued Chinchillas Have Been Named In Their Honour

For Immediate Release:

29 August 2014


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After Learning That a Chinchilla Breeder Was Planning on Electrocuting Hundreds of Animals If She Couldn’t Sell Her Business, PETA US – With the Help of Patron Sam Simon – Stepped in to Save Every Single Animal

London – PETA US recently closed down one of the largest chinchilla ranches in California, and in honour of Brangelina’s marriage, the group has named two of the rescued chinchillas after them (photos available here). Brad and Angie, the chinchillas, are up for adoption at PETA US’ Virginia headquarters.

“Among Brad and Angelina’s kind acts are their animal rescues – as well as making their wardrobes fur-free – so naming two of PETA US’ rescued chinchillas in their honour seems an apt wedding present”, says PETA UK spokesperson Yvonne Taylor. “We can all follow this couple’s great example – and help chinchillas like Brad and Angie – by refusing to wear any real animal fur.”

PETA US’ website has the chinchillas’ back story: they were two of more than 400 chinchillas whom the group rescued from Valley View Chinchilla Ranch, which described itself as a breeder of “pets” – despite electrocuting, skinning, and then selling the pelts of chinchillas who didn’t sell or “work out” as companions so that they could be made into bedspreads, coats, and scarves. Many of the other chinchillas are available for adoption from the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA.

You can read PETA US’ congratulatory letter to the couple here. For more information, please visit