Chanel, Victoria Beckham, and Miley Cyrus Among Winners of PETA Fashion Awards 2019

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29 October 2019


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Group Commends the Fashion Moments, Style Icons, and Progressive Brands That Have Made Big Statements for Animals This Year

London – As consumer demand for ethical fashion keeps rising, fashion brands increasingly offer clothing for which animals weren’t beaten, slaughtered, or skinned – as well as items made with materials that are less harmful to the environment. The PETA Fashion Awards celebrate the labels, style icons, and forward-thinking designers that have made big statements for animals in 2019.

ChanelSelfridges, and Victoria Beckham made this year’s Best Luxury Fashion Moment by banning exotic skins, and H&M was recognised with a Progress Award for its Conscious Exclusive collection, featuring pineapple-leaf leather and orange-peel silk. After talks with PETA, Amsterdam Fashion Week banned fur, resulting in the Best International Fashion MomentOasis and Warehouse are among the brands committing to a ban on cruel and unsustainable cashmere, prompting the Best High-Street Fashion MomentECOPEL and Stella McCartney were honoured with a Collaboration Award for KOBA, a recyclable, bio-based faux-fur fabric. And Miley Cyrus, who proclaimed, “there doesn’t have to be torture in fabulous fashion,” won the Vegan Style Icon Award.

“It’s never been more on-trend to dress with compassion,” says PETA Director Elisa Allen. “As today’s designers and consumers are embracing ethical, eco-friendly materials, the future of fashion clearly lies in conscious vegan clothing.”

Other winners include Hunter, awarded Best Vegan Outerwear for its “Vegan Edit” of jackets, bags, and rain boots; VIN + OMI, which won an Innovation Award for its revolutionary material made from nettles; Napapijri, which nabbed Best Down-Free Brand for its recyclable Infinity Skidoo jacket; Ashoka, which took home the Best Vegan Bags prize for its apple-leather accessories; Leticia Credidio, who won the Designer to Watch award for her organic cotton and seaweed apparel; Nanushka, which received the Most Wanted Award for its Hide vegan leather puffer, a street-style favourite in 2019; Hemp Tailor, who won the Best Wool-Free Collection award for their vegan knitwear; and Sascha Camilli, who was awarded the Essential Reading Award for her book Vegan Style.

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear” – notes that turning animal skin into garments requires the use of massive amounts of energy and dangerous chemicals, which is damaging to the environment. The “Pulse of the Fashion Industry” report revealed that leather – followed by silk – is the most polluting material in fashion, with double the impact of fibres such as acrylic and polyester.

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