For Immediate Release:
January 15, 1999

Toni Vernelli: +44 1273 508 384

To celebrate the New Year, members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)–wielding clubs and draped in animal skins–will urge fur-wearers to step out of the Stone Age as they declare: “It’s 1999 – Only Cavepeople Wear Fur.”

The primitives will target fashion “dinosaurs” across Europe, including: Brussels, Luxembourg, Basel and Geneva.

Fur is a relic from antiquity; it used to be the only thing to keep primitive people from freezing (people who also carried spears and ate raw meat). These days, with ultra-chic man-made alternatives, those still using fur are seen as designer dinosaurs who continue to use fur even though civilisation has left it in the dust.

PETA’s anti-fur campaign has kept fur sales cold by keeping people focused on the fact that fur-bearing animals are trapped, drowned and beaten to death in the wild, and gassed, strangled or anally eletrocuted on fur farms. Worldwide sales of fur have dropped by over 50 percent since 1991.

“Fur has gone from being a status symbol to a social liability,” says PETA’s Toni Vernelli. “Soon it will only be seen in a natural history museum, where pre-historic creations belong.”