Cosy Club’s Vegan Fish and Chips Nabs PETA Award

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1 October 2019


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Bristol-Based UK-Wide Chain Honoured for Meeting the Surging Demand for Plant-Based Fare

Bristol – As the number of vegans in the UK is reportedly set to skyrocket by 327% by next year, PETA is recognising the most exciting vegan offerings on the market today with its seventh annual Vegan Food Awards.

Nabbing the award for Best Vegan Fish is Bristol-based chain Cosy Club, which has restaurants around the UK, offers Vegan Fish and Chips: crispy battered tofu with minted mushy garden peas and creamy tartare sauce.

“Growing concerns about health, the environment, and animal suffering are driving more and more people to choose vegan options,” says PETA Director of Vegan Corporate Projects Dawn Carr. “As fishing pressures have led to dwindling cod populations, Cosy Club’s vegan fish and chips option is an example of the sort of delicious innovation that can help save our imperilled seas.”

Other PETA Vegan Food Award winners for 2019 include Caffè Nero, Applewood, Fray Bentos, and Greggs.

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – notes that the fishing industry is the world’s biggest killer – more than 1 trillion fish and other sea animals are impaled, netted, and gutted by humans each year. Studies have shown that fish not only feel pain but also have long-term memories, show affection, use tools, and can learn to perform tasks. Eating them is also harmful to humans, as fish flesh contains massive amounts of toxins, such as methylmercury and PCBs, which can cause cancer, brain damage, and birth defects. Luckily, one-third of Britons have already reduced their meat intake – including fish – or stopped consuming animals entirely, and polls show that vegan meals are the most popular takeaway trend in the UK. Each person who goes vegan spares the lives of nearly 200 animals each year and lowers his or her risk of suffering from heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

PETA opposes speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview. A copy of the group’s Vegan Food Awards logo is available here, and high-resolution images are available upon request. For the complete list of winners, please visit  .