Crispian Mills To India’S Prime Minister:

For Immediate Release:
February 24, 2000

Rose Kane 757-622-7382


Crispian Mills, ever enchanted with the culture and mysticism of India, was shocked to learn of the suffering of cows, calves, bullocks, and buffaloes killed by the country’s leather industry. So he is teaming up with PETA to urge India’s prime minister to put an end to the abuse of these once-sacred animals.

“When cows are no longer able to produce milk or work, they are walked in a death march to slaughterhouses in the stifling heat with no food or water. Chili peppers and tobacco are smeared into their eyes, and their tails are broken to make them stand up when they fall down from exhaustion,” Mills writes in his letter to Prime Minister Vajpayee. “At the slaughterhouses, commonly, fully conscious cows are slowly sawn apart with dull knives.”

PETA has recently launched its Anti-Leather Campaign and is targeting Western companies, such as Gap, that use Indian leather in their products.

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