Darnall Green Watch And Local Man Receive PETA Awards For Rescuing Puppies From Frozen Canal

For Immediate Release:
4 March 2009

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Darnall, Sheffield – For rescuing four young puppies found in a plastic bag on a frozen canal near Chippingham Street on Sunday, 8 February, the Darnall Green Watch and 38-year-old Darnall resident Steven Feeney will receive Hero to Animals Awards from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Europe.

According to news reports, on 8 February, Steven Feeney was taking a walk along the canal when he noticed some movement within a supermarket carrier bag weighed down with a paving slab about 20 feet from the side of the bank. He heard squealing and knew there were animals inside. Unable to reach the puppies, Steven alerted the RSPCA and, knowing that speed was essential as the ice could melt or crack, he ran to a nearby sports stadium to borrow equipment to help with the rescue. Back at the scene, the RSPCA arrived and was followed by the Darnall Green Watch, who skilfully used a pole and net to bring the animals to safety. The puppies, believed to be Rottweilers just three or four days old, were fortunate not to have caught hypothermia. They are all doing well and being cared for in foster homes.

Steven Feeney and the Darnall Green Watch will each receive a framed certificate and a letter of appreciation from PETA.

“The determination and compassion that Steven Feeney and the Darnall Green Watch showed in saving the puppies’ lives is an inspiration to every one”, says PETA Director Robbie LeBlanc. “Steven Feeney and the Darnall Green Watch have proved beyond a doubt that sometimes men are a dog’s best friend.”

For more information, please visit PETA.org.uk.