Dentist Walter Palmer Halloween Costume Lets Cecil The Lion Win

For Immediate Release:
27 August 2015


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PETA US Debuts Tongue-in-Cheek Dentist’s Uniform Featuring Plush Lion Taking a Bloody Bite out of Real-Life Killer

London – For those on the lookout for a table-turning twist this Halloween, PETA US is officially taking pre-orders for its cheeky limited-edition costume “Cecil’s Revenge” – a dentist’s uniform with a “Dr. Palmer” name tag, complete with a plush lion grabbing the coat from behind, leaving “bloody claw marks”. It can easily be accessorised with a toothbrush or a fake drill or crossbow. As PETA US points out, animals like Cecil are under constant threat from trophy hunters such as Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer – who routinely pay someone to track down wildlife and blind them with a spotlight at night so that the hunters can press the trigger on their high-powered weapons at close range and then take the animals’ heads home to decorate their own dens. All profits from merchandise sales will go directly to support PETA US life-saving work for animals.

“Halloween is the perfect opportunity to express our true feelings about hunting. This ‘pro-Cecil’ costume gives people the chance to turn the tables on animal killer Walter Palmer”, says PETA UK Associate Director Elisa Allen. “As animals continue to die in agony at the hands of trophy hunters, it’s only fitting for people to make fun of Palmer for his illegal, violent pursuit.”

Lion populations are rapidly declining in Africa. PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to abuse in any way” – encourages caring people to join the call for South Africa and Zimbabwe to ban trophy hunting.

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