Eastleigh Dog Is Finalist In PETA’S ‘Cutest Mutt In The Uk’ Contest

For Immediate Release:
10 March 2010

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Eastleigh, Hampshire – Just a day before the Kennel Club’s Crufts dog show begins, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is announcing the top 10 finalists out of thousands of entrants in an online competition to find the cutest mixed-breed rescue dog in the UK. The competition showcases just how beautiful, healthy and good-natured mixed-breed dogs can be, and 2-year-old Maggie from Eastleigh is a top contender for the title.

Maggie – who was adopted from the Dogs Friends rescue shelter – has lived with her guardian, Andrew Deters, 37, since she was 9 months old. Because it was Maggie’s fifth adoption, she was naturally shy when she first arrived at Andrew’s home. But now Maggie has developed into an intelligent, curious dog who has gotten her head caught in the cat door on more than one occasion. Maggie loves to swim – but hates puddles and baths – and she likes to sleep with her legs in the air.

“Andrew adopted Maggie to give the mixed-breed rescue dog the best life possible, and Maggie has given him deep affection in return”, says PETA’s Poorva Joshipura. “Maggie found a loving home, and Andrew found a devoted and loyal companion.”

PETA’s competition highlights the fact that mixed-breed dogs – besides being lovable individuals – don’t face the range of health problems and genetic defects that pedigree dogs often endure. As a result of being purposely bred for certain unnatural and exaggerated physical traits, pedigree dogs have high rates of epilepsy, heart disease, hip dysplasia and other health problems. PETA also points out that every time a dog is purchased from a breeder, a homeless dog loses the chance to find a loving home and must be euthanised or left to languish in an animal shelter.

The cutest mutt and two runners-up will be chosen and announced on 30 March on the popular website PETA.org.uk. These three “top dogs” will also be featured in PETA’s Animal Times magazine and will receive a selection of doggie delights.