Emergency Humane-Education Packs Rushed to Shoreham Schools

Shoreham – Following news reports that a teenager has been convicted of punching a 4-month-old kitten – breaking the kitten’s jaw and nearly dislodging an eye – and trying to drown the animal in the bath, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is rushing emergency humane-education materials to primary schools in the area.


PETA’s mailing emphasises that research in criminology and psychology indicates that people who commit acts of cruelty against animals often go on to harm humans.


History shows that incidents that have involved cruelty to animals regularly appear in the records of serial rapists and murderers. Young killers Mary Bell, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables as well as serial murderers Ian Huntley, Thomas Hamilton (the Dunblane school massacre), Fred West, Dennis Nilsen, Ian Brady and Raoul Moat all started out by deliberately harming animals.


“We want to prevent future acts of cruelty such as this”, says PETA Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi. “Instilling empathy in children and teaching them to take responsibility for any animals in their care is vital. After all, society as a whole pays the price when cruel or violent tendencies escalate.”


PETA’s educational materials are designed to help children of all ages recognise the importance of compassion towards all living beings.


For more information about the link between cruelty to animals and violence against humans or to order a free education pack, please visit PETA.org.uk.