Fur-Wearers Hide Their Shame By Placing Bags Over Their Heads

PETA Protesters Target Clothing Store MANGO for Selling Fur

For Immediate Release:
11 March 2004

Sean Gifford (PETA Europe) +44 (0) 20 7357 9229, ext. 226

Brest, France – Wearing donated fur coats and bags over their heads to hide their shame, members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will protest the trapping, factory farming, slaughter and skinning of animals for their fur at the entrance to Espace Jaurès, which contains a MANGO store, while supporters display shocking images of skinned animals and hand out ‘kindness’ leaflets to the crowds of shoppers:
Date: Saturday, 13 March
Time: 2 p.m.  sharp
Place: Espace Jaurès, rue Jean-Jaurès

Why is wearing fur shameful? Animals trapped for fur suffer excruciating pain, often for days, before being stomped or bludgeoned to death by trappers. Beavers caught in underwater traps struggle frantically before drowning in a futile attempt to reach the surface. On factory fur farms, animals spend their lives in tiny, filthy cages, where they suffer physical and psychological distress. Minks are driven mad by the confinement and pace endlessly back and forth in their cages. Animals with serious injuries and life-threatening sicknesses rarely, if ever, receive medical attention. Animals on fur farms are killed by poisoning, gassing, anal electrocution or having their necks broken.

Today’s lightweight and fashionable synthetics – like Gore-Tex – are much more efficient at keeping people warm and are used for every garment imaginable, from evening coats to polar-expedition body suits. Unlike fur, these high-tech fabrics do not smell when wet and are not heavy, and they keep out the cold far better than fur does. Faux fur or no fur is the only way to stay in tune with growing concerns about animal abuse.

MANGO Holland and MANGO Belgium have removed fur from their stores after anti-fur protests. PETA is now pressuring MANGO France and its headquarters in Barcelona to follow the lead of other clothing retailers, such as C&A and H&M, by going fur-free in all MANGO outlets.

‘People who still buy or sell fur these days have no heart and no conscience’, says PETA Europe’s Sean Gifford. ‘At least if they wear bags over their heads, it will show that they have one thing – shame.’
For more information, please visit FurIsDead.com.