Gucci Bans Angora Wool After PETA US Appeal

For Immediate Release:
27 June 2018

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Recently Fur-Free Brand Now Pledges Not to Sell Items Made With Hair Ripped From Live Rabbits

London – After being contacted by PETA US, Gucci – – has banned angora wool. The move comes after a revealed that live rabbits’ fur is ripped out on angora farms as the animals scream in pain.

“Gucci has taken an important step towards eliminating cruelty from its designs by banning angora wool,” “No more fur will be torn out of gentle rabbits for a jumper or other item from this brand, and PETA encourages other high-end designers to follow Gucci’s lead.”

Most rabbits used for angora are stretched across boards, and their fur is ripped outOthers are tied up before their fur is cut or shorn, and their delicate skin is cut open by the sharp tools as they struggle desperately to escape. They typically endure this agony every three months.

Gucci joins hundreds of other top brands – including ASOS, Calvin Klein, Roland Mouret, Topshop, and Stella McCartney – that have committed to not selling fur or angora after hearing from PETA and its international affiliates (whose mottos read, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear”).

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