Joaquin Phoenix Launches PETA’s New ‘Change the World From Your Kitchen’ Vegan Campaign  

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25 August 2020


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Joaquin Phoenix Launches PETA’s New ‘Change the World From Your Kitchen’ Vegan Campaign  

Creating a Kinder World for Animals Is as Simple as Choosing Peach Pie Over Poached Eggs

London – “There’s so much pain in the world that we are powerless over, but being party to animal suffering is not one of them,” says Joaquin Phoenix in his new PETA campaign. He’s encouraging fans to do their part to stop cruelty to animals and, as his new ad states, “Change the World From Your Kitchen. Go Vegan.”

Sitting at his own kitchen table in an accompanying video, Phoenix shows viewers what birds raised for their flesh and eggs endure on today’s factory farms, saying, “It’s easy to escape personal responsibility by actively avoiding the truth. But I hope you will join me in rejecting animal cruelty … [and] explore the many benefits of being vegan.”

The video – which includes footage from both UK and US farms – shows widespread abuse of laying hens. Birds are crammed by the thousands into dark, filthy sheds where many lose their feathers because of the high levels of ammonia and the stress from the extreme noise, stench, and confinement.

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” and which opposes speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview – notes that chickens are curious, active animals who, in nature, spend their time foraging, exploring, and taking dust baths. But on farms, even “free-range” or “organic” ones, they’re often prevented from engaging in these natural forms of behaviour. We can help spare animals this suffering by going vegan – each person who does so saves the lives of nearly 200 animals each year.

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