Jodie Marsh Uses Her Naked Body To Appeal For Animals Labelled As Meat

Painted as a Butcher’s Diagram, Jodie Asks Diners to ‘Have a Heart’ for Animals on Valentine’s Day

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13th February 2006

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London – Standing next to a blown-up photo of her nude body painted like a butcher’s diagram of body parts, TV star and best-selling author Jodie Marsh – who recently appeared on Celebrity Big Brother – will launch her brand-new pro-vegetarian ad for PETA at the Smithfield meat market. The ad, which Jodie is launching on Valentine’s Day, carries the tagline “All Animals Have the Same Parts – Have a Heart, Go Vegetarian”. Free meatless meal samples supplied by Redwood Foods will be distributed at the event:

Date: Tuesday, 14 February (Valentine’s Day)
Time: 12 noon
Place:  Smithfield Meat market, Charterhouse St opposite the Starbucks on Cowcross St  London WC1

Jodie’s point? There’s plenty of wonderful, libido-lifting vegetarian fare that can keep a body young, fit and healthy enough to love and live a long time. Some veggie foods, including asparagus, avocados, oyster mushrooms and dark chocolate, are even rumoured to have aphrodisiac properties. Realising that factory-farmed animals are made of flesh, blood and bone, just as humans are, is enough to make anyone’s passion fade. They have the same bodily organs, the same five senses and the same range of emotions. And, of course, we all feel fear and pain, and none of us wants to die violently.

“I don’t eat any animals”, says Jodie, who went vegetarian at age 9. “I could never eat a dog, and I don’t see how a chicken, a cow, a sheep, a pig or any animal is any different, because all animals have a mind and a personality.”

Jodie and PETA are encouraging people to view animals as more than walking roasts and rashers, because all animals raised for their flesh have personalities and emotions just as we do, and they value their families and friendships. Factory farmers deny animals everything that is natural and important to them, confining them to filthy, cramped cages, stalls and sheds, where drugs keep them alive until they are prodded down the ramp to the abattoir.

This isn’t the first time Jodie has helped PETA help animals. In November 2005, she donned a sexy “chickette” showgirl-style costume in Oxford Circus to unveil PETA’s “I Am Not a Nugget!” Underground ad featuring a defiant chicken.

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