Langley Man Receives PETA Award For Fetching Dog From Frozen Lake

For Immediate Release:
3 February 2009

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Middleton, Greater Manchester – For wading through icy waters up to his neck in a partially frozen lake to save his dog from drowning, 25-year-old bricklayer and Langley resident Marc Greenhalgh will receive the Hero to Animals Award from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Europe.

According to news reports, on New Year’s Day, Greenhalgh and his wife, Trisha, were walking their 2-year-old dog, Jarvis, along a partially frozen lake in Alkrington Woods in the Middleton area when Jarvis suddenly ran out onto the ice to chase some ducks. When Jarvis – whom the Greenhalghs had just adopted six months earlier – got out near the centre of the lake, he fell into the icy water. Greenhalgh desperately called to Jarvis, but the struggling dog couldn’t climb back onto the ice and began slipping under the surface from fatigue. Without hesitating, Greenhalgh walked out onto the ice, which quickly gave way. Greenhalgh began wading in the freezing-cold water, which was soon up to his neck. Undaunted, Greenhalgh reached Jarvis and was able to pull and steer the exhausted dog to safety. Both Jarvis and Greenhalgh are doing fine, but Greenhalgh has vowed to keep Jarvis leashed during walks and to stay away from ponds.

Greenhalgh will receive a framed certificate and a letter of appreciation from PETA.

“The bravery, determination and compassion that Marc Greenhalgh showed in saving the life of his beloved dog, Jarvis, is an inspiration to others throughout the community and beyond”, says PETA Director Robbie LeBlanc. “In this case, you could reverse the old saying, ‘A dog is a man’s best friend’, because Marc Greenhalgh proved beyond a doubt that he is a dog’s best friend.”

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