Lisa B To Unveil New Naked Appeal Against Exotic Skins

For Immediate Release:
11 October 2007

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London – On the heels of fashion shows in London, New York, Milan and Paris in which models flaunted enough shoes, bags and coats made from foreign fauna to make a kind person’s blood run cold, Lisa B is letting everyone know that the use of exotic animal skins is just plain cruel. To make her point, Lisa B will be unveiling her sexy, hard-hitting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) ad which features her partially covered in “snake scales” and lying in a pool of “blood” next to the tagline “Wearing Exotic Skins Kills!”

Date:   Thursday, 11 October
Time:   1 pm sharp
Location:  Intersection of New and Old Bond streets (beside the “Allies” statue)

Shot by renowned photographer Trevor Leighton, the ad lets shoppers know that garments and accessories made from exotic animal skins come at a high price – and the price is paid by animals who are torn from their homes in the wild or cruelly raised and then killed.

Every year, millions of snakes, lizards, alligators and crocodiles are slaughtered in horrible ways for “fashion”. Ranched alligators are kept in tiny structures, with up to 600 animals confined to one building. They are frequently beaten with hammers before they are skinned – it can take up to two hours for them to die. Snakes are commonly nailed to a tree and then skinned alive. It is estimated that 90 per cent or more of snakeskin is from animals who are wild-caught, pushing some species towards extinction.

Says Lisa, “The hideously cruel ways exotic animals are killed for the fashion industry makes my skin crawl. Even if snakes and crocodiles aren’t cute and cuddly, they feel just as much pain as does a seal pup when they are skinned alive”.

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