Medium’S Patricia Arquette Sees The Future: No More Homeless Cats And Dogs

For Immediate Release:
9 January 2009

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London – She may play a medium on TV, but Patricia Arquette knows that you don’t need to be psychic to figure out why millions of homeless cats and dogs must be euthanised in animal shelters every year: There simply aren’t enough good homes. That’s why Arquette stars in a stunning new PETA ad. In it, she peers into the darkness alongside the tagline “Envision a World With No Homeless Dogs or Cats.”

“More than 7 million dogs and cats are turned in to U.S. animal shelters every year,” says Arquette. “Please do your part to help end companion animal overpopulation. It’s as easy as ABC – Animal Birth Control. Always spay or neuter and adopt from your local animal shelter. Never buy an animal from a breeder or a pet shop.”

Every year, millions of dogs and cats are dumped at crowded animal shelters, where approximately half of them must be put to death. Many unwanted animals never even make it to an animal shelter – they are abandoned to fend for themselves on the streets, where they are often subjected to cruelty or succumb to starvation, diseases, or injuries.

Arquette’s dozens of film credits include Ed Wood, Beyond Rangoon, and Stigmata. She is an Emmy Award winner and Golden Globe nominee. Her new ad is part of PETA’s ABC campaign to help fight the companion animal overpopulation crisis. Dita Von Teese, John McEnroe, and Charlize Theron are among the other stars who help PETA promote spaying and neutering.

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