Naked Activists Bed Down In Public With ‘Fur Out, Love In’ Valentine’S Message

PETA Pours On the Heat to Warm Fur-Wearers’ Cold Hearts

For Immediate Release:
8 February 2006

Yvonne Taylor 020 7357 9229, ext 405

Rome – Wearing little more than strategically-placed hearts emblazoned with the message “Fur Out, Love In”, two sexy couples will climb into a bed set up in a busy square in Rome to get out their message of compassion in fashion to consumers, just as Valentine’s Day approaches:

Date: Thursday, 9 February
Time: 12 noon
Place: Piazza Mignanelli

Why does fur make PETA’s blood boil? China – where not a single law exists to protect animals on fur farms – has become the world’s leading exporter of fur. An undercover investigation found that millions of dogs and cats in China are bludgeoned, hanged, strangled with wire nooses and bled to death for their fur, which is often intentionally mislabelled as fur from other species. PETA has also obtained undercover video footage that shows that fur farmers in China swing foxes and raccoon dogs by their hind legs and smash their heads on the ground – breaking the animals’ necks but leaving them panting, blinking and conscious as they are skinned alive.

Animals trapped in the wild for their fur often suffer for days before they are stomped or bludgeoned to death. Some, especially nursing mothers, have been known to chew off their own limbs in an attempt to escape the traps. Animals on fur farms live in tiny, filthy cages where they are exposed to all weather extremes and suffer severe psychological and physical distress before they are poisoned, gassed and electrocuted or have their necks broken as they scream and writhe in pain.

“In the 21st century, people should dress as if they have a heart”, says PETA Europe Campaign Coordinator Yvonne Taylor. “With so many fashionable clothing choices, there’s absolutely no reason to wear fur.”

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