Naked Models Bed Down In Public With ‘Love, Not Fur’ Valentine’S Message

PETA Pours on the Heat to Warm Fur-Wearers’ Cold Hearts

For Immediate Release:
9 February 2005

Andrew Butler (PETA): +44 20 7357 9229, ext. 230
Anders Ekelund (Charm Models): 031988095

Stockholm — Wearing nothing but strategically placed hearts, emblazoned with the message, ‘Love, not fur’, PETA’s bevy of sexy nude models will climb into a king-size bed on Stockholm’s busy Soldermalmstorg to bring consumers their message of compassion in fashion, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Date:   Thursday, 10 February
Time:  12 noon sharp
Place: Soldermalmstorg

PETA are bringing their warm-hearted message of love to chilly Stockholm in order to let Swedes and visitors know that animals trapped for fur suffer excruciating pain, often for days, before having their chests crushed or their necks broken by trappers. Beavers caught in underwater traps struggle frantically before drowning. On fur farms, animals spend their lives in tiny, filthy cages where they suffer physical and psychological distress before being killed by poisoning, gassing, anal electrocution or neck-breaking.

The message from the brave vixen valentines, Cipi, Andreas, Susanne and Rickard: “Compassion is a big turn-on, but fur-wearers leave us cold”. They hope that by showing some of their skin, they can help save animals’ skins.

For this event PETA have teamed up with Charm Models, based in Gothenburg, an agency which has a policy against lending any of their models in shoots or shows featuring fur. “We operate with a strict code of ethics and would never help to market a product that was a result of animal suffering”, says Charm Models Anders Ekelund. “There is no beauty in the cruelty animals endure in the fur trade”.

Similar demonstrations have happened in New York, Toronto, London and Paris. For more information, please visit PETA US’s Web site