Nearly Nude PETA Members Bathe In Cardiff To Expose Meat’S Impact On The Planet

For Immediate Release:

2 September 2013


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Photos of the event can be found here, here and here.

Cardiff – Holding signs that read, “50 Baths = 1 Steak: Go Vegan”, two nearly naked PETA members bathed in a full-size bathtub on one of the busiest roads in Cardiff on Monday morning, during World Water Week, to let shoppers know that the best way to conserve water and help the environment is to go vegan.

“It’s impossible to ‘go green’ without going vegan”, says PETA’s campaigns coordinator Kirsty Henderson. “By simply going vegan we can help protect the Earth, our health, countless animals and can also save nearly 1 million litres of water a year – enough to fill Cardiff’s International Olympic Swimming Pool two and a half times.”

A recent United Nations report found that the meat industry is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global”. Among these environmental problems is freshwater scarcity, and the report calls the livestock sector “a key player in increasing water use” and “probably the largest sectoral source of water pollution”. On average, it takes one-third more water and land to produce animal-based foods than plant-based ones – in part because of the extra crops needed to feed farmed animals. Also, in addition to causing animal suffering on a massive scale, eating meat, eggs and dairy products has been linked to heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes and obesity.