Not so ‘Extremist’: PETA Billboard Reveals That Going Vegan is an Easy Switch

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7 November 2016


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PETA Campaign Suggests Simple Swaps Like Soya for Cows’ Milk

Wolverhampton, West Midlands – Just in time for World Vegan Month, which started on 1 November, PETA is tackling myths about vegan meals with a new billboard in Wolverhampton that shows a smiling child with a carton of soya milk next to the words “Extremist? Going vegan can be as simple as replacing cows’ milk with soya milk. For your health and for animals, try vegan”.


The new outdoor advert, which the group plans to roll out across the UK, comes after the much-derided proposal of a law in Italy that would imprison parents who feed their children plant-based meals.

“This World Vegan Month, PETA is reminding parents that there’s nothing extreme about providing children with balanced, healthy meals of fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, and beans such as soya”, says PETA Director Elisa Allen. “What’s truly extreme is killing animals simply for the sake of an unhealthy meal.”

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat or abuse in any other way” – notes that while dairy foods are the most-avoided type of food in the UK, sales of plant-based milks are booming. These milks contain none of the artery-clogging cholesterol of cows’ milk, and people who don’t drink cows’ milk have a reduced risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, among other ailments.

Eating vegan meals also dramatically reduces one’s carbon footprint and spares animals immense suffering in the meat, egg, and dairy industries. Cows on dairy farms, for example, frequently suffer from painful mastitis of their unnaturally overgrown udders. When their bodies finally give out after a lifetime of being forcibly impregnated, they are sent to slaughter for hamburger meat.

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