Nottingham University Is The Most Vegetarian-Friendly University In The Uk, Says American Youth Group

For Immediate Release:
7 April 2009
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Nottingham – More than 5,000 students have voted Nottingham University the UK’s Most Vegetarian-Friendly University in an online contest held by peta2 US, the youth arm of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) US.
Among the dishes that have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Nottingham students raving is the tasty spiced vegetable and mashed potato bake. Coming in a close second this year is Glasgow University, which offers red lentil dahl with Indian spices and cucumber. Joining them in the top five are York University, Brighton University and Cardiff University.

As more and more students become health conscious, they are increasingly choosing meat-, egg- and dairy-free foods. Studies show that what we eat directly affects our well-being. While animal-based foods are linked to cancer, heart disease, obesity and other serious health problems, a vegetarian diet is associated with improved health, longevity and stamina. Many students are also motivated by the fact that going vegetarian helps to stop the daily abuses that are endured by animals who are raised and killed for food.
“Congratulations to all the winners for meeting their students’ growing hunger for healthy, delicious and cruelty-free vegetarian food”, says peta2 US Assistant Director Dan Shannon. “These universities are moving with the times, and they are proving that keeping fit, trim and healthy – and helping animals at the same time – is as easy as pie.”
The winners were chosen from 15 nominees who were selected through student recommendations, feedback from MySpace and Facebook, and consultation with the universities.
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