Now in UK: It’s Kitty Cats Vs Robots in PETA US’ ‘Kitten Squad’ Playstation Game

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9 June 2016


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Launch Tomatoes, Shoot Balls of Yarn, and Save Orcas and Sheep in PETA US’ First-Ever Game for the Popular Console

London – Shoot a carrot at a robot, free a sheep from abuse on a wool farm and earn a pile of cat-shaped coins – that’s the kittens’ mission in “Kitten Squad“, PETA US’ first-ever game for PlayStation. Rated “T” for “teen” and launching today to European users as a free-to-play game, the role-playing adventure features an elite team of kittens who fight sadistic robots to liberate orcas from SeaLand Marine Park and whisk sheep away from the evil “Sheep Puncher”.

Players who got a sneak peek at Kitten Squad at last year’s E3 conference were delighted, describing it as “so cute”, “very fun” and “easy to play”, with praise for the smooth game play, tight combat and creative animation design. “A free game that’s educational about an important issue?” asked one player, concluding, “That’s great!”

“PETA US’ ‘Kitten Squad’ lets gamers fight for animal liberation”, says PETA US Vice President of Marketing Joel Bartlett. “While players take on robots like the evil Sheep Puncher, they also learn how boycotting marine parks and buying wool-free sweaters helps animals in the real world.”

Kitten Squad was created by designer Luc Bernard, who created “Mecho Wars” and “Pocket God vs Desert Ashes”, with PETA US – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to abuse in any way”. During the game, artistic cutscenes introduce the stories of animals in need of rescue, including an orca who’s been kidnapped from the wild and confined to a SeaWorld-like abusement park and a sheep who’s beaten on a wool farm, as PETA recently exposed happens in Australia, the US and Argentina. And now, newly released levels see the kittens fight to free elephants from cruel circuses and a new wave defence mode will keep the fun coming for hours.

While PETA US has created numerous online games – including successful parodies of Pokémon, Super Mario Bros., Cooking Mama and more – Kitten Squad is the group’s first console game. It was produced in collaboration with PETA US’ partner SAGENCY.

Kitten Squad is available here. For more information on helping animals, please visit