One of the Biggest Shaving Suppliers in Europe Bans Badger Hair Following PETA Exposé

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4 December 2019


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The Executive Shaving Company Commits to Ending the Sale of All Animal-Hair Brushes After Hearing From Group

London – One of Europe’s biggest suppliers of shaving and grooming products, The Executive Shaving Companyhas banned badger-hair brushes after a PETA video exposé of China’s badger-brush industry revealed that “protected” badgers are illegally hunted in the wild using snares and other cruel methods.

The graphic footage shows that these animals, as well as others who were bred in captivity, are confined to small cages on farms before being violently killed for paint, make-up, and shaving brushes, prompting dozens of global retailers to ban the cruelly obtained material. In addition to badger hair, the company has committed to purchasing and promoting only high-performing, animal-free brushes going forward.

“The Executive Shaving Company has been told for many years by the … manufacturers of badger hair shaving brushes that the badgers were bred in captivity for their meat and the coat of the animal was a waste by-product of the meat. The PETA investigation has proved beyond a doubt that this is not the case,” said The Executive Shaving Company Sales Director and co-owner Brian Mulreany in a statement. “For the past five years The Executive Shaving Company has actively promoted synthetic fibre shaving brushes and as a result, sales on our website for synthetic fibre brushes are significantly higher than badger hair brushes. ”

“Gentle badgers were beaten with crude instruments, cut open, and left to die, all for shaving and make-up brushes,” says PETA Director Elisa Allen. “The Executive Shaving Company’s decisive action in rejecting not only these hideous blood brushes but all animal hair going forward is sure to influence other companies to follow its compassionate lead.”

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to abuse in any way” – notes that brushes made with soft and luxurious synthetic bristles are widely available, animal-friendly, and in many ways superior to their animal-hair counterparts.

The Executive Shaving Company is one of more than 90 brands – including Floris London, Penhaligon’s, NARS Cosmetics, Morphe, Cult Beauty, and Procter & Gamble, which was the first to ban the production of badger-hair items after seeing the video – that have agreed to ban products containing badger hair.

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