Pamela Anderson Asks Fashion Ace Rohit Bal For Skin-Free Pleather Perfection

For Immediate Release:
30th March 2001

Claudia Tarry – 020 8870 3966

Sexy television and screen star Pamela Anderson has cleared the leather from her wardrobe and now she’s asking top Indian designer Rohit Bal to create the perfect faux leather, or “pleather”, outfit to highlight her attributes. Rohit, called India’s ŒMaster of Fabric and Fantasy’ by Time magazine, is the perfect choice as his designs are recognised worldwide for their artistic form, and he has just released a new line of faux leather jackets, shirts and trousers.

“The faux leathers are fantastic and allow you to create fashion with compassion” says Bal. “You can make hot, sleek outfits without a bit of cruelty to animals.”

Bal and other top fashion designers including Todd Oldham, Betsey Johnson and Stella McCartney (who recently won both the Vogue/VH1 Designer of the Year Award and a PETA Humanitarian Award) create many innovative fake leather designs and won’t touch fur. Exported leathers from India, Korea, the Philippines and China often come from animals who have endured extremely cruel treatment during transport and slaughter. Young people, in particular, are joining celebrities like Woody Harrelson, Drew Barrymore, Alicia Silverstone and Joaquin Phoenix in turning their backs on what they see as a cruel and outmoded style of dressing in animals’ skins. They’re demanding more animal and environmentally friendly fabrics made from spun glass and recycled rubber.

Anderson is an outspoken proponent of animal rights and champion of PETA’s “Fake, for the Animals’ Sake” campaign against fur and leather. Last year, Anderson hosted PETA’s video exposé of leather industry cruelty. During a recent appearance on the American TV show The View, Anderson, mother of two, said of leather and fur clothing, “I look at it as wearing the skin of a child on your back. An innocent victim has been skinned and you’re wearing him or her.”

For further information on the leather trade, please visit our campaign web site