Pamela Anderson’s Psycho-Inspired PETA Ad Showers Attention on Meat Trade’s Water Waste


Star Strips Down for New Campaign Targeting Number One Cause of Water Depletion

London – As the world’s freshwater sources become more scarce, Pamela Anderson appears in an Alfred Hitchcock–inspired PETA ad to declare that the solution isn’t just shorter showers but also turning off the tap on animal agriculture.

The ad, which states, “Make a splash for the environment – try vegan”, can be viewed here.

“Rivers are siphoned off, not just for the animals but also for crops grown to feed animals on factory farms”, says Anderson, a long-time vegan. “Producing 1 pound of beef uses as much water as about six months of showers.” The ad, which is a spoof of the  famous shower scene in Psycho was photographed by David LaChapelle.

According to the US National Academy of Sciences, animal agriculture drains a third of the world’s freshwater. The United Nations has labelled the livestock industry “a key player in increasing water use” and “probably the largest sectoral source of water pollution”. Last month in Anderson’s home state of California, Gov Jerry Brown issued a controversial executive order to reduce urban water usage by 25 percent – without restricting water used by animal agriculture, the number one culprit of California’s drought.

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