PETA Founder Slams Surrey ‘Big Meat’ Festival with Eye-Popping Mobile Billboard

For Immediate Release:
25 August 2017

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Ad Denounces Fleshy Free-For-All and Urges Attendees to Go Vegan

Farnham – Stark naked and hanging from a meat hook between the bodies of slaughtered pigs in an ad shot in Spitalfields meat market, PETA founder and Surrey native Ingrid Newkirk will stare down from a billboard circling The Big Meat festival this weekend with an important message for festivalgoers: “We’re All the Same. Go Vegan.”

Photos are available here, here and here.

“If most people stood inside a slaughterhouse, as I’ve done, and watched life after life being violently snuffed out, they’d lose their appetite for these wonderful animals’ flesh,” Newkirk says. “PETA reminds everyone that our own flesh not only looks like pigs’ but tastes like theirs, and no one should celebrate events that involve the torment and death of them and other living beings.”

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – notes that vegan diets spare sensitive animals daily suffering and a terrifying death in today’s industrialised meat, egg, and dairy industries – in which chickens’ and turkeys’ throats are cut while they’re still conscious and piglets’ tails are cut off without any painkillers. Vegans are less prone to suffering from cancer, obesity, and diabetes than meat-eaters are, and they also have a lower carbon footprint.

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