PETA Names the UK’s Top Animal-Friendly Amusement Parks

PETA Names the UK’s Top Animal-Friendly Amusement Parks

London – After scouring the UK for fun-filled amusement parks without any petting zoos or other exhibits that exploit animals, PETA has named its top 10 animal-free amusement parks. These parks offer a spectacular day out for the whole family while leaving animals in peace.

The vegan-friendly parks include Thorpe Park Resort in Chertsey, which offers everything from family-friendly waterslides to fright-night events; Blackgang Chine on the Isle of Wight, which opened in the 1840s and feeds the imagination with themed worlds and talented puppeteers; Funland on Hayling Island, a coastal theme park packed full of rollercoasters, dodgems, and a pirate-themed golf course; and Lightwater Valley Theme Park in North Stainley, a park designed for younger children, featuring waterslides and adventure playgrounds.

“Watching a long-suffering animal shuffle around a shabby pen is no way to spend an afternoon,” says PETA Director Elisa Allen. “These abusement-free spots have won PETA over by providing all the animal-friendly thrills that modern families want.”

PETA notes that petting zoos and other displays subject animals to the stress of transport, unfamiliar environments, irregular feeding and watering, mishandling, and crowds of strangers.  Furthermore,  experts indicate that petting zoos are hotbeds of serious pathogens, such as E coli, and they have been linked to outbreaks of diseases, with the elderly and young children most at risk. PETA urges everyone to ditch parks or attractions that keep animals for displays, performances, petting, rides, encounters, or any other entertainment purposes.

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to use for entertainment” – opposes speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview.

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