PETA Offers $1,000 To Find Those Who Set Dog On Fire During Football-Match Mayhem

For Immediate Release:
29 May 2003

Todd Stosuy 001 757 622 7382; [email protected]
Dawn Carr 00 44 20 7357 9229


Salonika, Greece — A black-and-white husky dog, named Tara by rescuers, was attacked by rioting soccer fans on May 17. News sources state that the individuals smeared the animal with tar and set her on fire, apparently because the colours of the dog’s fur were those of the opposing team. She suffered burns and an injured eye. Police have yet to arrest the persons responsible for her injuries. That is why PETA is offering as much as US$1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons who are responsible for this violent crime.

Will you please consider sharing this information with your audience? It may be the only way to apprehend those responsible for this heinous act.

‘Animal abusers are cowards’, says PETA US cruelty caseworker Todd Stosuy. ‘They take their issues out on the most defenceless beings available to them. According to leading mental health professionals and law-enforcement agencies, perpetrators of violent acts against animals are often repeat offenders who pose a serious threat not only to other animals, but to the community as a whole.’

Anyone with information about this case is encouraged to contact ARGOS Animal Welfare Society executive secretary Effie Dodoura at 3 6944 748968.

For more information about the link between animal abuse and violence aimed at people, please visit

Photos of the dog are available upon request.