PETA Offers Gbp 1,000 To Nab Yobs Who Killed Baby Gulls

For Immediate Release:
19 August 2010

Alice Barnett +44 (0) 20 7357 9229, ext 229; [email protected]

Bridlington, North Humberside – According to news reports, a gang of young people attacked defenceless baby gulls and filmed the act of cruelty on their mobile phones. The incident took place on Saturday, 17 July, in the Richmond Street area of Bridlington, which was littered with the bodies of dead chicks the following morning.

PETA is offering up to £1,000 as a reward for information leading to the apprehension of the people responsible for this horrific crime.

“Animal abuse is never something to shrug off as merely a part of growing up”, says PETA spokesperson Suzanne Barnard. “Putting a stop to violent tendencies as soon as they become apparent must be a priority and is the responsibility of all members of society.”

Bridlington residents have good reason to be concerned about cases of animal abuse such as this one. History shows that serial rapists and murderers often have a history of cruelty to animals. Child killers Mary Bell, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables as well as murderers Ian Huntley, Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane massacre), Fred West, Dennis Nilsen, Ian Brady and Jeffrey Dahmer all started on their violent paths by deliberately harming animals. Raoul Moat, the gunman responsible for shooting his ex-girlfriend and killing her new partner and later himself, also reportedly abused animals.

Anyone with information about this case is encouraged to call the PETA Foundation on 020 7357 9229.

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