PETA Pays Fine Of Disgraced Ex-Bullfighter And Sends Him An Award

For Immediate Release:
June 16, 2010

Martin Mallon; 0207 357 9229 ext 224; [email protected]

Mexico City – Today, PETA US announced that it is giving its “Real Men Are Kind to Animals” Certificate to former matador Christian Hernandez, who left the bullfighting arena unexpectedly on Sunday and announced his retirement from bullfighting. PETA US will also reimburse Hernandez for the fine that he paid after being arrested for breach of contract. Hernandez had been gored some months earlier and lost his nerve, outraging fight promoters and spectators who have called him a coward.

“Any bully can slowly torture animals, but it takes guts to walk away,” says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. “Many people are calling Hernandez less of a man, but at PETA, we say, ‘Only real men are kind to animals.'”

In a typical bullfight, lances are driven into the bull’s back and neck muscles. Then banderillas (brightly colored sticks with harpoon points) are thrust into the bull. The dying animal is finally stabbed to death-or nearly so; some bulls are still conscious when their ears are cut off and their bodies are chained by the horns and dragged out of the arena.

Worldwide condemnation of bullfighting continues to grow. In April 2004, Barcelona passed a resolution condemning bullfighting and declaring the city as Spain’s first to oppose the centuries-old sport. Although the resolution does not ban bullfighting in Barcelona, it is a landmark precedent as Barcelona had long been the bullfighting capital. In Mexico, bullfights have been banned in Jalapa and sentiment against them is spreading. The Catalan Parliament is currently voting on a popular initiative to ban bullfighting throughout Catalonia.

PETA US’s letter to Christian Hernandez is available upon request. For more information, please visit PETA US’ website