PETA Sends Flowers, Certificate Of Appreciation To Kate Moss

For Immediate Release:
30 April 2007

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Anti-Fur Campaigners Congratulate Kate on Fur-Free Designs for Topshop

London – Today, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Europe (PETA) sent supermodel Kate Moss a certificate of appreciation and a bouquet of flowers. Given PETA’s reputation for tossing tofu pies and throwing flour on people who wear fur – as well as Moss’ reputation as a notorious fur-wearer – this may seem like a contradiction. However, PETA thinks Moss should be praised for the new, fur-free “Kate Moss” label for Topshop.

Unlike Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez – who have designed fashion ranges which are littered with the corpses of strangled and electrocuted animals – Moss has chosen to work with Topshop, a PETA pal that is outspoken about its strict anti-fur stance. Though Moss’s current range is a spring/summer collection, PETA is pleased that it will never contain fur, no matter the season.

In the card accompanying the bouquet and certificate, PETA says, “Thank you for designing fur-free fashions for our favourite fashion stop. Topshop isn’t just leading the way with cutting-edge fashion in the High Street; they also show that it is hip to have a conscience”.

On European and American fur farms, animals spend their entire lives confined to tiny, filthy cages, where they suffer physical and psychological distress before they are killed by poisoning, gassing, anal electrocution or neck-breaking. China – where not a single law protects animals on fur farms – is now the world’s leading producer of fur and produces more than all other countries combined. Cats and dogs on fur farms in China are crammed into wire cages, slammed on the ground and skinned alive for their fur, which is often deliberately mislabelled as fur from other species.

PETA Director Poorva Joshipura says, “Opinion polls consistently show that the vast majority of women in the UK would never wear real fur. Kate Moss’ new Topshop fur-free range is a killer look without killing animals, and for this, it is only right and fair to extend our thanks”.

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