PETA Statement In Response To New Oxford University Animal Testing Facility

For Immediate Release:
11 November 2008

Alistair Currie 0207 357 9229 ext 245; [email protected]
Anna Sargent 0207 357 9229 ext 228; [email protected]

“Oxford University is looking backward instead of forward today, entrenching vivisection when truly progressive scientists are embracing modern, humane, non-animal research. Decades of animal research using over 100 million animal experiments every year worldwide have failed to deliver cures for Alzheimer’s, strokes and Parkinson’s Disease and have left us without an AIDS vaccine or an effective, modern treatment for malaria. Meanwhile, 92% of drugs that pass animal trials fail in humans. Oxford’s new facility will be a centre of suffering, not progress. If Oxford had embraced the future and made an investment instead in non-animal methods, the pay-off for human health would have been immense and the toll in animal suffering zero.”

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