PETA Takes On Glasgow’S Obesity Crisis With ‘Lose The Blubber’ Billboard

For Immediate Release:

5 December 2012


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 Glasgow – Prompted by reports that fire-and-rescue services have had to be called out more than 200 times in the last five years to rescue Scots who were too fat to move, PETA has placed a patriotic blue-and-white “Scotland: Lose the Blubber. Go Vegan!” billboard at a busy Glasgow intersection in the hope of encouraging hefty Glaswegians to slim down by dumping unhealthy animal products from their diets. The billboard is located on Kirkintilloch Road near Bishopbriggs Railway Station, G64 2AB.

According to reports, Scotland has one of the fattest populations in the world, with two out of three adults now overweight.

“Obesity is a community issue, and PETA’s billboard is a light-hearted way of putting forth a life-saving message: that going vegan is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and keep it off for good”, says PETA Senior Programme Manager Yvonne Taylor. “Vegans are, on average, 10 to 20 pounds lighter than meat-eaters are – and since they’re not contributing to animal suffering, their consciences are lighter, too!”

Meat, eggs and dairy products contain no fibre and are loaded with artery-clogging saturated fat and cholesterol. In addition to obesity, eating animal-derived foods has been linked to heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer. Also, each vegan can save many animals from immense suffering on factory farms, in abattoirs and on the decks of fishing boats.

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