For Immediate Release:
27th April, 1999

Andrew Butler: 0181 875 1085


London — When three “queens” come calling at Buckingham Palace tomorrow afternoon, it won’t be for high tea. The tutu-wearing trio, complete with fairy wings and magic wands, will wave signs reading, “Fairy is Scary for Animals”, urging her Royal Highness to withdraw the Royal Warrant from Fairy washing up liquid-and other Procter & Gamble products-while the company continues to poison and kill animals in cruel product tests.

Date: Wednesday, 28th April
Time: 12 noon
Place: Buckingham Palace, Queen Victoria Memorial

The Royal Warrant, traditionally a sign of quality, should also, PETA believe, be a sign of sound ethical practice. But Procter & Gamble continue to test their products on animals, although more than 550 other companies have eliminated these cruel and outdated tests.

Despite a government ban on the use of animals for cosmestics tests in the UK, thousands of animals are still killed in Procter & Gamble’s US laboratories, where workers drip chemicals into animals’ eyes, force them to inhale and swallow massive doses of compounds and rub irritating substances onto animals’ shaved and raw skin.

“From one ‘queen’ to another, we want Her Highness to know that animal testing is a real drag”, says PETA “fairy” Michael McGraw. “We’re urging the Royal family to reject Procter & Gamble products until they stop all animal tests not required by law”.

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