PETA’S Leaping ‘Lettuce Ladies’ Urge Blackpool Residents To Go Vegan And Get Happy

For Immediate Release:

20 January 2014


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Photos from the event can be found herehere and here. Others can be sourced from the Blackpool Gazette.

Blackpool – On “Blue Monday”, supposedly the most depressing day of the year, PETA arrived to cheer up Blackpool, which was ranked the unhappiest town in the UK last year in a government survey. PETA dispatched two local “Lettuce Ladies” to the People’s Promenade, where they braved the winter chill in their signature lettuce-leaf bikinis to bounce on trampolines with signs reading, “Jump for Joy: Go Vegan!” The lovely ladies hoped to make people smile and let them know that the best way to improve their physical and mental health is by going vegan.

A recent study published in Nutrition Journal found that switching to meat-free meals can boost your mood and make you happier. In the first study of its kind, omnivores – whose diets are high in arachidonic acid, which can disturb mood – reported significantly worse moods than vegetarians. And of course, multiple studies have confirmed that vegetarians and vegans are less prone to obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and strokes than meat-eaters are.

“Depression is no laughing matter, and the winter months can be particularly glum”, says 21-year old Lettuce Lady Rebecca Fulton from Preston. “But with all the delicious, healthy and humane vegan meals available in today’s restaurants and grocery stores, it’s the perfect time to go vegan and improve your health – and your mood – by leaps and bounds.”

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